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10 Health Benefits of a Water Ionizer | With Possible Side Effects

benefits of water ionizer
Written by Warner Levit
Last Update: December 6, 2022

Alkaline ionized water has many benefits to offer. The human body needs a balanced acidic–alkaline state to stay disease-free and healthy.

This is the reason so many American homes have chosen premium quality water ionizers to live a healthier and happier life.

Here we will show you the science-backed benefits of a water ionizer.

Read on to see whether you will really need this home appliance for healthy living.

Introduction to Alkaline Water: Benefits, Side Effects & Dangers

Alkaline water refers to a higher pH level of water than normal drinking water.

The lower the pH level the more acidic the water is; whereas, a higher pH level means the water is more alkaline.

Alkaline water normally has a pH level of 8 or 9.

Alkaline water contains healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium and antioxidants that lack in regular drinking water.

Water ionizers are generally used to make water more alkaline by using electricity.

The electrical current sent through the water separates the molecules into acidic and alkaline ions.

The acidic ions are then siphoned off and the alkaline water remains. The water can be made even more alkaline by adding minerals and salts.

10 Health Benefits of A Water Ionizer

Water Ionizer Benefits

1. Better Hydration

The electrolytic process involved in producing alkaline water breaks down the hydrogen molecules in water into smaller units.

This helps our cells easily absorb them, leading to better hydration.

2. Antioxidants

Alkaline water contains a large number of antioxidants that help the body reduce free radicals and increase healing properties.

3. Greater pH Balance

The balance of pH level in drinking water is essential for healthy living. If there is a low pH level, the water gets too acidic which could make you sick and tired.

Additional supplement of alkaline water helps you maintain the right balance and keep you healthy, aside from providing other physical benefits.

4. Cancer Prevention

The strong antioxidant properties of alkaline water help prevent acidification and cell damage, including their DNA by neutralizing free radicals in the body.

The hydrogen molecules also block the oxidation of different cells in the body which plays an indirect role in preventing cancer.

5. Skin Benefits

We all want to slow down our aging process and a water ionizer could help you just with that.

This is because alkaline water could help remove fine wrinkles on your face, making you look much younger and more attractive.

Even washing your face regularly with it could be beneficial for your skin.

As a powerful detoxifying agent, alkaline water helps fight bacteria present on your skin and prevent acne breakouts.

6. Acid Reflux

The research was conducted in 2012  with the intention to find the potential benefits of alkaline water in the treatment of acid reflux.

The researchers concluded that drinking naturally carbonated alkaline water with a pH level of 8.8 helped deactivate the enzyme called pepsin that caused acid reflux.

7. Blood Viscosity:

Another recent study conducted on 100 people found that consuming alkaline water after a strenuous workout session led to an increased blood flow through the vessels; ultimately resulting in an increased flow of oxygen throughout the body.

8. Better Taste

Subject to different opinions, alkaline water is said to taste way better than regular tap water.

This purified and well-filtered water could also increase the flavor of your meals.

9. Weight loss

Alkaline water can be proven beneficial for those that want to shred off any unwanted body fat.

Alkaline buffers are also known to help remove fat that is acidic in nature and neutralize acidity in our bodies.

10. Cardiovascular System Benefits

Calcium and magnesium present in ionized water are beneficial for our cardiovascular system.

These minerals help reduce cardiovascular strain during exercise or any heavy work.

The antioxidants keep your heart healthy by preventing oxidation inside the blood vessels.

Alkaline Water: Side Effects

Despite having a great number of health benefits, alkaline water has side effects too.

Excessive consumption could have a detrimental effect on your body’s gastrointestinal tract by lowering stomach acidity.

The excessive amount of alkalinity could also cause skin irritations.

What’s more, too much alkaline water in your body could cause metabolic alkalosis – a health condition causing symptoms like nausea, vomiting, shaking hands, muscle twitching, tingling feeling on the face, and confusion.

Another possible side effect is bone diseases that usually happen when alkaline water lowers the amount of calcium in the body.


Millions of people from all corners of the US are experiencing the benefits of water ionizers today.

Since alkaline water contains natural minerals, it is usually considered safe to drink.

Considering all of these factors, we can safely recommend that you get a top-class water ionizer for your home.

However, you should keep in mind the adverse effects, including natural mineral deficiency caused by excessive alkaline water.


Q. 1: When will I begin noticing the health benefits?

Ans: Everyone has a different metabolism system and a different bodily response to alkaline water.

You might start noticing positive changes within a few weeks or even in a day based on your immune system.

Q. 2: Can you drink alkaline water every day?

Ans: Yes, you can but you should start slowly. Gradually increase the amount.

You can also make alkaline water a part of your cooking. But we recommend that you not take medicines with this type of water.

Q.3: What are the dangers of drinking alkaline water?

Ans: Too much consumption could have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. This could lower the amount of natural stomach acidity.

Q. 4: Can you make your own alkaline water?

Ans: Yes, you can do that using pH drops, but it is always recommended to use a good quality water ionizer to play it safe!

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