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The 10 Different Types of Coffee Drinks Explained

different Types of coffee
Written by Lewis Turner

Coffee has always been an integral part of the list of our daily drinks. Coffee has gained so much popularity that there are some parts of the world that has cultures and rituals around this beverage. Hundreds, if not thousands, of coffee are available for drinkers to try. We’ve picked up the top 10 different types of coffee drinks that you can try. These come in no particular order, and all are based upon the preferences put up by regular coffee drinkers.

People enjoy a hot cup of coffee at times when their minds start functioning poorly. It can be a great beverage for starting the day, or in the evening when you feel sleepy. This magical beverage has also medicinal properties, which makes the situation even better. Won’t you try the different types of coffee?

Top 10 Different Types of Coffee That You Can Try


Cappuccino coffee is one of the most popular coffees that you may find. These coffees can be found everywhere – from local coffee shops to a five-star restaurant, you name it! The extensive aroma of the rich coffee blends in perfectly with the milk, creating a smooth texture like no other coffee drink. The foam that persists on the top layer of the coffee is enough to drive all the coffee enthusiasts crazy for a cup of cappuccino.



Espressos are another easy to make coffee drink. The sheer taste of freshly roasted coffee beans and the perfect mixture of steamed milk and foam gives this coffee a rich texture. This coffee can be made by special espresso makers which are found in the market. Just put dark roasted coffee beans, steamed milk and foam (or whipped cream) and you’re good to go.


Café Latte

These coffees are apparently different variants of espressos. The café latte is made by adding a lot of milk and micro-foam, which adds to the texture and quality of the coffee. The rich taste of freshly baked coffee beans adds up to the creamy feeling of the micro-foam. Whenever you take a sip of café latte, the readily mix of fresh ingredients churn up in your mouth, giving you a feeling of supreme delicacy that no other coffee can give.



Americano coffees are a diluted version of the famous espresso. It is made by adding one shot of espresso to a cup of hot water. People often add a little bit of sugar and whipped cream to enrich the flavors of this coffee.


Café Mocha

Café mocha is a popular coffee drink also commonly known as ‘chocolate coffee’. It is made by mixing 2 shots of espresso to 2 parts of steamed milk and 1 part of chocolate syrup. You may use chocolate powder as well and a sweetener of your choice. Add whipped cream to enrich the flavors and sprinkle some chocolate powder on top of the coffee. This is how you’d make the perfect café mocha coffee at your home.


Caramel Macchiato

Among all the different types of coffee drinks, this one is undoubtedly one of the tastiest. The rich taste of coffee beans mixed with foamed milk, espresso and caramel is truly second to none. The caramel macchiato is one of the best coffees to try if you’re someone who prefers extra sweet coffee.



This Italian coffee-based dessert is another item that you must try. Mixed with a scoop of vanilla and adding a shot of espresso on top, this coffee packs in the rich blend texture of the coffee to the vanilla ice-cream. As a result, you’ll get a scoop of ‘iced’ coffee with a delicate taste that sticks onto your mouth.


Turkish Coffee

The Turkish coffee is a beverage drink that’s very popular in Turkey and some parts in Middle East Asia. In order to make a fine cup of Turkish coffee, you’ll need to finely powder grounds of coffee beans and immerse them in hot, boiling water. Doing so will ensure that you get a thick, dense foam over your cup of coffee. After the boiling is done, you must put the coffee into a mug and add sugar to it. In Turkey, this cup of coffee is usually served with a glass of water and lokums.


Café Au Lait

The popular French variant of the espresso is known as the café au lait. This coffee is mixed with steamed milk and brewed coffee in a perfect mix. It is often blended to ensure a perfect mix of ingredients. The café au lait is perfect for people who want a less sweet coffee with a rich texture. The coffee is very popular in a wide range of countries, and still holds its name high for the splendid taste and aroma of the coffee.

Café Au Lait

Iced Coffee

The iced coffee is very popular for its smooth, cool taste. The rich texture of coffee blends in perfectly with ice cubes and skimmed milk creating a legendary feeling like no other coffees can ever give. To make a perfect iced coffee, you’ll have to mix up freshly baked coffee beans with water and leave the mix for about 12 hours. Good quality coffee beans are recommended, such as Claire Coffee or Peet’s Coffee to ensure a better taste. You may also use ground coffee. After the mixture has been left for 12 hours, you can prepare yourself a mug full of crushed ice and pour a half glass full of the coffee mix with the ice. Then add milk and sugar according to the proportions of your preference and then you’re ready to enjoy a perfect cup of cold coffee to make your day perfect than ever.



To this date, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of coffee. If you’re someone who just loves coffee and can’t live without a cup of coffee, you can choose for yourself one of the best coffee drinks that we’ve mentioned in the article.

Always make sure that you use high quality roasted coffee. These coffees ensure a richer texture and an overall better taste. Always use pure drinking water either from a water purifier or your water cooler when preparing your drink. Blend the ingredients properly so that the taste is uniformly spread. This will give you a splendid cup of coffee that you’ll always remember all throughout your life!

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