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Countertop Oven vs Toaster Oven – What’s the difference?

Countertop Oven vs Toaster Oven
Written by Lewis Turner

Few recipes are as great as a freshly baked pizza with mozzarella cheese. The delicious taste and smell of these can easily trickle your nostrils. Can you think of any particular week without pizza? Surely, you can’t. People often think that pizzas are hard to make, but in reality, they’re not. It’s all about the crust, fillings, cheese, toppings and perfect baking. If you want to make them at home, you can use countertop ovens or toaster ovens to bake the pizza. These ovens are great for other recipes as well, such as grilling the perfect browny turkey, lasagna, and various other recipes.

Ovens can be a crucial part of every household as these can perform multiple cooking methods. When purchasing an oven, they get hundreds of options to choose from, and they often get confused between countertop and toaster ovens. To help you choose the oven which suits your needs, we’ve come with some crucial things that you will need to know about countertop and toaster ovens.

Countertop Oven vs Toaster Oven – What You Need to Know

What Are Toaster Ovens?

Simply put, these are ovens in which you can bake, grill and toast. The toaster ovens can be particularly handy due to the wide range of functionalities they offer at a very affordable price. Some high-end toasters even have additional features such as defrosting. Toaster ovens tend to be smaller than the conventional ones, but you can easily bake pizzas or small sized turkey in it. These are very easy to use and offer a variety of cooking options.

What are Toaster Ovens

What Are Countertop Ovens?

Similar to the toaster ovens, the countertop ovens can also bake, grill and toast. These are usually a bit bigger and heavier than the toaster ovens and have a wide range of functionalities. The countertop ovens are a bit pricey, but they surely are affordable. You can comfortably fit a 12-inch pizza or a large sized turkey into such countertop ovens. Just like the countertop ice maker, the countertop oven uses a convectional steam mechanism to cook your food, which is why it is healthier and energy efficient.

What are Countertop Ovens

What Differs?

The countertop and toaster ovens can seem very similar if you first notice them. Although the countertop ovens are large, the functionality is almost the same as the toaster oven.

Toaster ovens are similar to the conventional microwave ovens. These ovens use the same mechanism just like microwaves; using heat radiation to cook your food.  Exposing your food under radiation might not be something that you’d look forward to, but there have been no health issues yet found.

As mentioned earlier, the countertop oven uses a convectional steam mechanism to cook your food. This method is a lot healthier, and as the steam remains in the oven, it is very energy efficient.

Countertop Oven vs Toaster Oven – The Buying Guide

The countertop and toaster ovens can be great for all kinds of cooking. These can easily bake, roast and grill to give you the best taste of your food. But if you’re to purchase such an oven, you must know the factors that you must consider before buying these.

Know Which One You’re Buying

Decide as to which oven you’ll be purchasing. If you are to cook very little food, you can undoubtedly go for the toaster ovens. These are very cheap to buy and come with all the functions that you might need. High-quality toaster ovens like the Oster toaster ovens, Cuisinart toaster ovens, and Spacesaver toaster ovens are one of the best if you want great functionalities at a very affordable price.

If you’re someone who’ll use the oven every so often and require a bigger space, you can surely purchase the countertop oven. These are healthier and will save you more electrical bills, but these cost more than the toaster ovens.

Size of the Oven

The size of the oven can play a big part in cooking. If you do the moderate cooking, a small sized oven will suffice your needs. If you tend to use ovens regularly and for larger meals, you’ll have to choose a larger sized oven.


The functionalities that each oven serves are truly the most important aspect that you should consider. When purchasing such an oven, you must look at all the settings and knobs as to know what cooking procedures you can perform with the oven you intend to buy. Top brands often offer a wide range of different functions that you can use. Know all the cooking methods that each provides and choose the best for you.


Knowing about countertop and toaster ovens is important if you want to buy such an oven. These are great for all kinds of cooking – from baking, toasting to even grilling. The toaster ovens are smaller in size and use heat radiation for the cooking process. The countertop ovens, on the other hand, use a convectional steam mechanism which saves energy and is a healthier option.

If you can’t decide which one to buy, you can always look up for the reviews from a trusted website. Before buying, however, you’ll need to decide which one you are buying and choose the size and functionalities that you need. Once you’re satisfied, you can buy your oven and get a great cooking experience.

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