Faucets Reviewed to Give Out Community Service Scholarship 2018

It’s a great occasion for Faucets Reviewed and everyone in our community as we have got excellent assistance from our happy community that has always been so kind, friendly, and benevolent to us. Our mutual feelings for a better home and living is all that has made us one and backed us to stay united. Although our primary focus was on faucets only, our eyes are now on almost everything that is required to make a modern, stylish, and environmentally friendly kitchen and interior.

There has been a question surrounding this community service scholarship 2018 that how we are expressing our concerns about the community’s welfare through this announcement. The answer is simple. Each year, we support one student who brings something special to the community. That’s the way it works.

Ideal Candidates

  • Graduates/Diploma
  • Post-Graduate Students
  • Students seeking admission into similar programs

Procedures to follow

  • Research work, how-to content, step-by-step guidelines, or anything on faucets and kitchenware
  • Word Limit: 1000 Words
  • Format: .doc/.docx file (No PDFs or links to any internet sources are acceptable)
  • Particulars: (Candidate’s Name, Age, Address, Contact Info, Academic Info, etc.)
  • Deadline: (Date)

The Selection Criteria

  • Relevancy & Coherence
  • Linguistic Ability
  • Value/Usefulness to the Community
  • Originality/Uniqueness

The Final Stage

This is the stage where the evaluation result is created and the distribution of the scholarship money is carried out. It takes us 30 days to complete the evaluation procedure. We choose one write-up from one winner who becomes the claimer to the money. We email and send the formal letter to the winner with our logo and contact information. The winning candidate will be informed of the next steps via email. Please contact us for further details.

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