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Privacy Policy

Personal Information

As a site user, you can access FaucetsReviewed anonymously without providing us any of your personal information. This means all of the user information that we get is intentionally given by our users.

However, certain services provided by FaucetsReviewed may require the identity of its users as compulsory. If the user is not interested in sharing their identification information with us, they may miss out on those services from us.

Non-Personal Information

FaucetsReviewed may also collect non-personal identification data from a user that visits the site. Here the term Non-personal information refers to the type of computer, type of mobile device, name of the web browser, details of the ISP, and other technical information about the user. However, we cannot identify a certain user with this information personally and we gather non-personal identification data only to analyze our web traffic.


Cookies are a way to ensure the optimum user experience. They are small text files that are sent by a website to the browser and computer/mobile device of the user when they browse the site. This helps the site contain data about the user that includes the personal preferences and browsing patterns of the user. As a result, the next time the said user visits FaucetsReviewed, we are able to provide a personalized user experience.

However, the user has the choice of stopping us from sending cookies in which case they may miss out on certain exclusive features and may not have the best user experience as a result.

Visit our Cookie Policy page for more information.

What FaucetsReviewed Does with User Information

  • We gather user information for a better user experience and service. It also allows us to promptly respond to our audience’s needs and requirements.
  • If you join our newsletter services and/or agree to receive promotional content from us, we may use the information to send promotional materials, newsletters, surveys, etc. that may interest you to frequent our site more.
  • We do not share your personal information with our partners and we use it only to ensure a better user experience.

How FaucetsReviewed Protects User Information

We follow the standard procedure to gather, store, and process user data. We have strict measures to prevent the unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, or disclosure of our users’ personal information, usernames, passwords, and so on.

Who Do We Share the Collected Data with?

FaucetsReviewed does not trade, rent or sell its users’ personal information. But we may associate the Non-Personal Information given by our users with our affiliate, advertising, and other commercial partners. We share our user information with our 3rd parties only if they give us the permission to do that.

3rd Party Websites

You – as a user – may encounter advertisements and promotional content when browsing FaucetsReviewed. Such type of content is linked to the services from our 3rd parties that are affiliated with us. We are not connected to these promotional materials and we have no control over these materials. You are at your own risk when you are interacting with such promotional content. We recommend that you visit those websites in order to check their terms and conditions and other policies thoroughly.

Alteration to This Privacy Policy

FaucetsReviewed reserves the right to alter any of the aforementioned policies whenever we deem that necessary. We may, however, not be able to announce or inform our users individually before we do that. As a result, we suggest you to visit this page frequently to notice any change and stay updated.


When you continue to visit and browse faucetsreviewed.com, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to any of the conditions mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we request that you stop browsing and leave the site immediately.

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