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Moen 2510 vs 2520: Which One to Choose in 2023!

Moen 2510 vs 2520
Written by Jenny Molin
Last Update: November 30, 2022

The 2510 is your go-to choice if you want less hassle connecting pipes while the 2520 valve is perfect for effective rotating lever functions.

Let’s get to know more about these models and see which one might suit you best on our “Moen 2510 vs 2520” comparison guide.

Moen 2510: Things You Need to Know

Moen 2510: Things you need to know


Moen 2510 is packed with attractive features to maintain a peaceful water motion.

The valve has PosiTemp technology that sustains the water flow and the temperature.

The 4-port allows you to preset the hottest temperature before you install the valve.


The valve fits any alterations and you don’t need to replace the plumbing arrangement in the time ahead.

The 1222 cartridge makes back-to-back installation an easy task.

The innovative design supports half inches of the IPS connection type which is common with most standard plumbing.

The replacement valve allows you to avoid a completely new assembly.

You may find the existing opening a tight fit but the installation doesn’t require you to cut away much of the tile.

You will get a smooth fitting with a larger shower opening and a larger chrome cover placed over the opening.


The Moen 2510 is made for both shower and tub applications.

Combine the unit with a transfer valve to build a shower spa with an extra hand shower, showerhead, or a couple of body sprays.


The valve is well-built and standard in the shower valve industry.

The quality product will last your lifetime with no issues.

The brass structure ensures longevity no matter where you install the valve and doesn’t interfere with the current plumbing condition.


The operation is smooth with no drips.

The unit balances the water and temperature pressure based on your setting for outstanding performance.

There’s no freeze-out in the house with this valve.

The temperature stays exactly where it is set and doesn’t change when the washing machine is turned on or someone else takes a shower.


At around $85, you may find the price high for a simple valve but the readily available parts allow you to replace the unit just when you need to.


Moen products come with a limited lifetime warranty against finish defects, drips, and leaks.

Their staff will replace the unit free of cost if any part goes bad.

Moen 2510: Pros and cons


  • Long-lasting
  • Integrated stop options
  • Compatible with old plumbing systems
  • Maintains consistent water temperature
  • Heat-resistant brass design
  • Easier to fit with back-to-back installation capability
  • Temperature limit for safe showers
  • Half-inch IPS connection compatible
  • Excellently regulates water pressure


  • Difficult to fit behind a wall
  • Comparatively large figure

Moen 2520: Things to know

Moen 2520: Things you need to know


The Moen 2520 is another model from the M-pact series of the brand that comes with PosiTemp pressure.

The valve features a four-port design with one handle while the water pressure control is far more simple.

Installation process

The unit comes with a half-inch CC valve that includes a trim style.

This allows you to upgrade whenever you renovate the plumbing system. The traditional valve system allows you to do the setup like other conventional shower valves.

There’s no need for additional equipment or valve replacement for the process but go through the instruction guide before you implement the setup.


The Moen 2520 is used almost similar to the 2510 variant.

The unit is great for shower or tub application and creates a shower spa with a secondary showerhead, two body sprays, or a hand shower when you combine it with a transfer valve.


The stylish brass construction is highly reliable, which you want for the bathroom hardware of your new home.


The 2520 provides the best results when used for showers or tubs.

The sufferings from unbalanced temperature pressure and terrible water flow are gone once you install the valve.

You will enjoy the wonderful water flow and forget about scalding in the shower.

There’s no shower shock with the water valve but the experience of perfectly balanced cold and hot water supplies.


The $95 price tag may seem expensive but this is simply the best bang for your buck that you can get right now.


Moen is known for product quality that is supported by the official warranty.

They offer a limited lifetime warranty for the 2520 so you don’t have to worry about any defect or corrosion after the setup.

Moen 2520: Pros and cons


  • The best option for tub or shower renovations
  • Robust design
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Outstanding water temperature balance
  • Half-inch CC connection compatible
  • Durable brass material
  • Built-in temperature limiter
  • Meets ASSE performance requirements
  • No need to touch the faucet plumbing to upgrade the trim in the future


  • You can’t test the unit before installation
  • The valve handle sticks out
  • Hard to follow the installation guide

Moen 2510 vs 2520: How They Differ

Take a quick look at the major differences

Comparing factors Moen 2510 Moen 2520
Connection type Half-inch male connections Half-inch sweat-to-sweat connections
Connection difficulty Comparatively easier Comparatively harder
Installation Easy (anyone can do) Tough
Weight Comparatively heavier Comparatively lighter
Better for Tub and shower setup Shower setup
Versatility More versatile Less versatile
Accessories  Bath faucets, replacement parts, and other useful accessories No accessories are included in the package
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty Limited lifetime warranty
Price Around $85 Around $95
Quality High High
Brass Durable and heat resistant Durable and heat resistant

Connection type

Moen 2510

The 2510 has half-inch male connections in a threaded style.

You need to tighten the connection to a certain extent to avoid significant pressure.

The thread needs to be sealed with tape before you move to the next step to prevent any water leakage when used with full force.

Moen 2520

The 2520 features half-inch sweat-to-sweat connections, which require a soldering kit.

You need the right solder for copper plumbing and other specific tools to melt and make the solder flow correctly. You also have to prime the inside of the copper fittings.


The 2510 is clearly better if you want less hassle connecting pipes.


Moen 2510

The problematic instruction guide is an issue for the 2510 valve installation but you won’t find difficulties when you set up the unit.

Moen 2520

The manual guide for the 2520 valve is vague so don’t do the installation unless you are already an expert at this job.


The fitting navigation of the Moen 2510 valve is easy to understand.

Even a novice won’t fail to follow the installation procedure, which makes the unit the winner in this segment.


Moen 2510

The 2510 is bulkier compared to the 2520.

The rotating lever function is supported by both models but is less effective on the 2510 unit.

Moen 2520

Though both models are compatible with tub and shower use, the 2520 unit seems a better choice for shower setups.


The 2510 is more versatile since you can apply the valve in the kitchen plumbing.

The 2520 is good for bathrooms but the less bulkiness makes the valve more convenient for fitting.


Moen 2510

The package includes bath faucets, replacement parts, and other useful accessories.

Moen 2520

Moen doesn’t offer any accessories for the 2520 so you will only find the valve in the package.


The 2510 is the winner with plenty of accessories.

What’s best for you?

The 2510 is clearly a better choice if you want less hassle connecting pipes.

The valve comes with bath faucets, replacement parts, and accessories that you won’t get with the other variant.

The fitting navigation is easier to understand and you can apply the versatile unit for your kitchen plumbing.

Pick the 2520 valve if an effective rotating lever function is your top priority.

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