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12 Kitchen Faucet Ideas You Can’t Ignore! – Faucetsreviewed

Kitchen Faucet Ideas
Written by Jenny Molin

There’s no shortage of kitchen faucet ideas out there. But we’ve rarely heard of a homeowner that was able to make up their mind without spending a lot of time and considering a lot of factors.

Yes, there are a number of things to consider to have your dream kitchen but this doesn’t have to be backbreaking! Check out our unique ideas and give your kitchen a new look today!

12 Kitchen Faucet Ideas to Try!

Idea 1: Traditional copper

When to use

A polished copper faucet will give your kitchen a more traditional look. In fact, the polished and glossy outlook can also complement a wide variety of modern kitchen interiors.

Copper faucets are cheaper compared to other more expensive options coming up later. A copper faucet will give your kitchen an elegant look.

Traditional copper


  • Provides a stunning outlook
  • Compliment almost any kind of kitchen interior
  • Cheaper than other options


  • Not so good at corrosion resistance
  • May add a metallic taste to the water

Idea 2: Go golden

When to use

In case you have an apron-front sink or if you want to add an element of elegance to your kitchen, a brushed gold faucet will do the job nicely. They work the best with white kitchen sinks.

Additionally, you’ll have no fingerprints over the faucet.

Don’t panic! The faucets aren’t made of gold entirely. Their surface is plated with gold, which makes them significantly cheaper. However, you are free to boast of the elegant outlook a gold brushed faucet will bring about in your kitchen.

Go golden


  • Looks elegant, especially with a white sink and background
  • Extremely durable against rust and wear/tear


  • It would be harder to match the complete setup

Idea 3: Use a single handle faucet

When to use

Single handle faucets are one of the most popular across the globe. Usually, they control both cold and hot water via a single handle. You can get either a traditional single-handle faucet, a hands-free option, or a pedal-controlled option for your kitchen.

They are comparatively easier to use when your hands are full. However, many find it hard to control the temperature setting.

Use a single handle faucet


  • Easy to work with when both hands are full
  • Modern and minimalistic outlook
  • Both hot and cold water in a single handle


  • A bit difficult to adjust the water temperature
  • “Hot water” accidents can happen

Idea 4: Mix the metal

When to use

If you have a thing for metallic design and are not very fond of copper or rose finishes, we have something for you as well. Mixed metal finishes are getting popular day by day.

A mixed metal faucet will not only help you break the monotony of single metal faucets but it will also give your kitchen a bit more character and texture. You can add as many metals to the mix as you want. However, we recommend not using more than 3 metals.

Mix the metal design


  • Provides a stunning outlook
  • Applicable in a wide variety of indoor kitchen settings


  • It can be hard to find the perfect harmony between the metals

Idea 5: Go for a smart faucet

When to use

Everything is being turned into their smart version today and your kitchen is no exception. The smart home revolution is coming. Besides a modern outlook, many faucets also come with some impressive features.

Some faucets come with temperature-sensitive LEDs and motion sensors while others can control the water output via either an app or voice command. The option is practically limitless.

Go for a smart faucet


  • Comes with an impressive set of features
  • Provides touchless water supply
  • Reduces waste


  • More expensive than traditional faucets

Idea 6: A practical/commercial approach

When to use

If you want to combine your impeccable taste and serious functionality, you can install a practical, pull-down kitchen faucet that most commercial places use. Due to the additional convenience they offer, these faucets are widely popular among homeowners across the world.

This faucet will especially come in handy for bigger homes and families. Instead of relying on a kitchen design that looks like a cookie-cutter, rely on heavy-duty performance and convenience.

commercial approach


  • Easy to use pull-down faucet design
  • Powerful and convenient
  • Longer, flexible design


  • Tricky to install
  • More expensive

Idea 7: Bring back the farmhouse

When to use

When it comes to kitchen faucets, classic is good most of the time. Farmhouse faucets are designed to enhance your maneuverability alongside providing an elegant outlook. They are usually double-handed faucets, but they also have a bridge option.

Whether you go for a nickel, brass, gold, or copper finish, this faucet will compliment your kitchen. Aside from offering a unique kitchen experience, farmhouse faucets also add luxury to your kitchen.

Bring back the farmhouse


  • Provides an elegant outlook
  • A wide range of options to choose from


  • Takes up a lot of space

Idea 8: When you need a pot-filler

When to use

These beautiful faucets feature a long neck or spout, typically 8-10 inches. You can also use a gooseneck faucet instead. The main idea being these faucets are to be able to fill your large pots from directly under the faucet. They both are a must-have for a serious home cook.

Both gooseneck faucets and pot fillers will add functionality and charm to your kitchen. If you root for convenience and fashion, keep them in consideration.

When you need a pot-filler


  • Allows to fill and clean oversized pots easily
  • Supported by special piping
  • Improves convenience


  • Requires some free space
  • Impedes a part of the view from the user

Idea 9: Mount it to the wall

When to use

Wall-mounted faucets are best in a tight spot, where you don’t have enough room on the deck. This type works well with apron-front sinks. The main idea is to keep the faucet from water and to save valuable space.

Aside from doing their basic job, wall-mounted faucets also add a certain character and charm to the overall interior of the kitchen. This type of faucet also makes the cleaning process easier.

Mount it to the wall


  • Saves space
  • Makes the cleaning process easier
  • Flexibility for future renovation


  • Water splashing will become more common
  • Installation cost is slightly higher

Idea 10: Double handle design

When to use

Instead of controlling hot and cold water through the same handle like single handle designs, dual/double handle faucets control hot and cold water through two different handles, which makes it less confusing.

This type of faucet is the most commonly used faucet across the globe. They offer superior control over the water temperature. You can also use a convenient retractable side sprayer for reaching tough corners. And not to mention, they look cool.


  • Better control over water temperature and flow
  • Stylish and timeless design
  • Improves safety as it’s hard to “accidentally” turn on hot water


  • The installation process is complicated
  • The complex design makes it hard to pinpoint any damage or problem

Idea 11: Don’t forget the modern outlook

When to use

Nowadays faucets come equipped with a ton of modern, smart features, but that doesn’t mean the design can’t be modern/futuristic as well. There is a wide range of designs and aesthetics to choose from. You can even customize your design.

Most designer faucets fall into this category. Faucets with modern, elegant, and minimalistic designs are getting popular rapidly. The most popular design includes flat, twisted, or pull-down faucets.

Don’t forget the modern outlook


  • Provides a modern outlook
  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Easy to install and use


  • They’re expensive
  • Not suitable for every environment

Idea 12: Deck-mounted systems

When to use

Unlike wall-mounted faucets, deck-mounted faucets are installed on the deck rather than on the countertop. They offer a simpler installation process and easier maintenance.

Aside from adding a cool aesthetic to your kitchen’s interior, these faucets will also make your kitchen work a lot easier. They go well with almost every type of kitchen, except the narrow ones.

Deck mounted systems


  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • A wide range of options to choose from
  • Fits in almost any type of kitchen


  • Requires more space than many other options
  • Makes the cleaning process harder in narrow spaces

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