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Things to Consider before Buying a Juicer Machine

Juicer Machine
Written by Jenny Molin

A glass of fruit juice gives you a handful of health benefits. Fruit juice is easy to digest and gets absorbed quickly in the bloodstream. According to health specialists, drinking different fruit juices every day can fulfill the demand for vitamins and minerals by as much as 95%.

Moreover, fruit juices taste more delicious when some other healthy ingredients are added to them. But, how can you get the juice to use every day if you don’t have a juicer, or you don’t know how to get one? Keep reading.

Why Do You Need a Juicer Machine?

Buying a juicer machine can benefit you in several ways. It can cut the cost of buying juices from the store, you can be habituated to have juices on a daily basis, and you can choose what to add to make it more delicious and healthy. Most stores bought juices are made with excessive sugar, harmful color, and other preservatives. These can be harmful if you drink too much for a longer period. Homemade juice confirms that you have healthy juices for a healthy life.
Some factors should be in your consideration if you have interests in getting a juicer. You might buy a juicer machine perfect for a single task. Different types are there to overwhelm you. So, for making the right choice follow our guideline where we have discussed all the considerable factors before buying a juicer machine.

Choose the Perfect Type of Juicer Machine

Do you want to buy an orange juicer machine or a carrot juicer machine? The choices are many! If you go through some product specifications of different juicer machines, you will easily realize that they are not the same. There are many differences in their speed, wattage, setting, and accessories. There are also powerful commercial juicer machines that promise to perform a speedy job. So, how should you choose for yourself?
There are two major types of juicer: Masticating and centrifugal.

  • Masticating Juicer Machine: Masticating juicers machine is also sometimes called the cold press juicers. These juicers are designed to squeeze fruits and vegetables to extract juices as much as possible. These juicers are slow speed juicers, and you will require a decent amount of time to complete the juicing procedure. The general speed of a Masticating juicer is 45 RPM (Revolution per Minute). The slow procedure has also got some health benefits. It creates less oxygenation and also prevents loss of nutrition. So, for leafy greens use this type juicer machine to preserve the nutrition value. Being not much speedy, these juicer machines also work in low noise preventing sound pollution. One drawback here is that these machines are relatively pricier.


  • Centrifugal Juicer Machine: Most of the juicer machines you see in different households and departmental stores are the centrifugal type. Being low priced and speedy performance these machines are highly appealing to most users. These juicer machines grind fruits and vegetables by spinning them at very high speed. The overall speed of a centrifugal juicer is around 10,000 RPM. According to a lot of health specialists making juices in this way makes the loss of vitamins and minerals. These juicer machines are also pretty noisy.


Consider the Price

Price is an important factor when buying your juicer machine. For a low quality to premier juicer machine, price may range from 40 USD to more than 2000 USD. Most commercial juicer machines have a price tag with more than 300 USD.

So, spend wisely according to your need and commitment. Different juicer machines have different functionalities. However, the one most important output is the extracting juice from various vegetables and fruits.

So, for beginners, a juicer machine within $100 is a good choice. It will serve your purpose nicely. However, if making juice is your regular habit, go for a premium product – the same way you would do when picking a water filteror a water dispenser. It might be pricey but will deliver top-notch performance.Multipurpose Juicer Machine with Attachments

Juicer machine can be more than just a juicer machine. With the right type of juicer machine and perfect attachments, you can not only make juices but also grind coffee, chop garlic, extrude spaghetti and much more.


The multipurpose model comes with different food processors and attachments to allow you to do other necessary household chores. However, a good quality multipurpose juicer machine is way pricier than an ordinary juicer machine. So, if you do not require multiple tasks to be done with a juicer machine, go for simple and ordinary ones. They will be cost effective as well as easy to maintain.

One or Two Speed

Most ordinary juicer machines consist of the single on/off switch; hence they are a one-speed machine. However, there are also some quality juicer machines with two speeds option. For example, some Breville juicer offers two-step speeds for extracting juice out of fruits and vegetables. The slow speed is highly efficient for green leafy vegetables and soft fruits. On the other hand, the high speed is particularly useful for hardened fruits and vegetables.


Buying two-speed juicer machines will provide you with the flexibility of using a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. One thing to remember that, two-speed juicer machines are relatively pricier than one-speed ones.

How Long Will My Juice Last?

It might be an odd consideration while buying a juicer machine. Well, it is not. For most types of juices, preserving quality depends on procedures they are prepared. Typical centrifugal juicers produce heat while making juice which causes oxidation . This oxidation is a reason to compromise freshness of fruit juice. That’s why it is said that you should consume juice immediately that is made using a centrifugal juicer.
On the other hand, masticating juicers produces no oxidation while making juices. That’s why they can be preserved for about 24 to 48 hours after preparation. There are also some best quality masticating juicer brands that claim that juice made from their machines can last up to 72 hours.

So, if you are the one who loves to make a lot of juices and want to preserve for later consumption, masticating juicer can be an ideal solution for you.

Cleaning and Maintenance Convenience

Extracting juices from fruits and vegetables are a messy business. After making and serving the healthy fruit juice, there will be a lot of clean up procedure left for you. It’s a common scenario of most kitchens.

So, why do you need this information before buying a juicer machine? Well, there are some juicer machines which produce a less amount of mess while some are easy to clean.

Like, some top quality Breville juicers have less leftovers and are easy to maintain and clean because most of their parts are detachable and dishwasher-safe. They are also compact which makes them easier to use and store in pot racks.

Final Words

Buying a juicer machine is not that hard. You can do it even while sitting at your home. However, finding out the best one for you can be tricky, as the collection of different juicer machines is huge. There are even smoothie machines out there if you consider drinking smoothies over juice. They produce thicker drinks and preserve most nutrition values.

In this article, we tried to focus on different functionality, price, and usability of juicer machines so that you can choose what best for you. We believe that we achieved that goal. Please send a note if anything comes to your mind.

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