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How to Remove a Kitchen Sink That Is Glued Down: 2023s Guide!

How To Remove A Kitchen Sink That Is Glued Down
Written by Lewis Turner

Do you know how frustrating it can be when you try to take a kitchen sink out only to discover that it is glued down?

Homeowners often face this problem, particularly if they move into a newly built apartment with a sink already installed.

So, how to remove a kitchen sink that is glued down? It might sound like a hassle and it kinda is.

However, there are some easy ways to go around it. Let’s explore the best way to remove a glued-down kitchen sink.

How to Remove a Kitchen Sink That Is Glued Down

 Step 1: Gather your tools

  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrenches
  • Small bucket
  • Pipe wrench
  • Putty knife
  • Old towel
  • Heat gun
  • Work gloves

Step 2: Disconnect and take out the kitchen appliances

Remove appliances and kitchenware that may create issues in the glued-down sink removal.

Get rid of all fixtures and fittings and store them somewhere else so that they can be used later.

Disconnect all faucets, knobs, and lights in your kitchen.

Step 3: Remove the dishwasher and remove the garbage disposal

Once you have cleaned and prepared your kitchen area, now is the time to remove the dishwasher and garbage disposal.

It only takes a few seconds to move the dishwasher once it’s disconnected. A garbage disposal works the same way.

Step 4: Disconnect the drain line

Disconnect the drain line

**Photo Courtesy: YouTube

The drain pipes must then be disconnected before you try to remove a glued-down kitchen sink.

Disconnect the drain pipe and the supply line using an adjustable wrench.

Step 5: Remove the leftover water

If water remains in the pipes, drain them completely.

Allow the remaining water to run into a bucket. Remove the bucket after the drains have been completely cleared.

 Step 6: Detach the pipes

You should do this now if you have not already.

Be sure to disconnect the p-traps beneath the sink. Clear away any obstructions under the sink.

Step 7: Remove the tap

Remove the tap

**Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Glued-down sink removal requires the previous above only, this step is optional.

But it’ll offer you better handling capacity. Disconnect the faucet when removing under-mount sinks from granite epoxy.

The only thing you need to do is open the faucet after turning off the main valves. This will help to loosen pressure. Then, unscrew the tubes and loosen the nuts.

Step 8: Remove the clips

Remove the clips

**Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Locate the clips securing the sink and then loosen the screws with a screwdriver.

Whether removing the sink will be easy or hard will depend on how well the glue is holding.

Use the knife to cut between the granite sink and the counter.  If liquid nails are attaching the sink to the wall, the old sink will have to be removed with greater force.

Step 9: Remove liquid nails

Remove liquid nails

**Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Despite the fact that dried liquid nails seem impossible to remove from a sink, you can try this old trick:

It is first necessary to soften the liquid nail or construction adhesive.

A blow dryer is needed for this. As soon as the glue melts, scrape it off with a putty knife and wipe away any residue.

Step 10: Remove the old sink

Remove the old sink

**Photo Courtesy: YouTube

Now that you have removed the sink clips and the liquid nails, it is time for glued-down sink removal.

Remove the epoxy from the under-mount sink if glued. Carefully lower the sink to the floor by removing the support from underneath.

Step 11: Remove all waste ready for the new sink

When the glued sink has been successfully removed, remove all glue residue and old adhesive from your countertops, especially if you intend to replace them.

Prepare your kitchen for sink installation by cleaning up the waste and removing unnecessary items.

How to Clean Up After You Remove a Glued-down kitchen sink

Wipe down any epoxy and mold from the surrounding area

Whether you are installing a new sink or anything else, this is an ideal way to begin. You want to start with a clean surface.

Each fixture should be cleaned by hand

 Wipes can be used for this. Clean sinks will make installation easier.

Clean the floor by removing the tarp and emptying the grime bucket

A spill may have caused water or gunk to collect on the floor, so make sure it is cleaned up before installing the new sink.

Quick tips to remove a kitchen sink that is glued down 

  • As you perform other tasks, you will need to hold onto the bottom of the sink often and keep all the necessary tools on hand
  • Be sure that all necessary appliances are removed from the area before starting work
  • The sink may be heavy and difficult to remove from the frame, ask someone to help you
  • Make sure nothing blocks the sink area

Congratulations! Now you know how to remove a kitchen sink that is glued down without harming anything nearby. This guide tried to provide you with the best step-by-step process for glued-down sink removal.

Hope this post proves to be helpful to you. Thanks for reading this far. Wish you a great weekend ahead.


Q. How do I remove a stuck under-mount sink?

Cut the gluey layer around the sink down to remove it. Make sure the knife edge is below the counter to do this.

This is the area of the sink where the rim surrounds the caulk.

Again, make sure to keep one hand below the sink while cutting all the way horizontally to avoid a quick fall.

Q. How to remove a sink clip?

A couple of clips are screwed into the sink to hold it in place. Start screwing the clips to release it. A screwdriver is best for this.

When most of them are opened, the basin will become unglued so you can work more quickly and easily with it.

Once done, use your knife to press upward against the granite counter and sink. Occasionally, the sink needs to be taken off with extra force if liquid nails are attached.

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