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How Does Alkaline Water Ionizer Work?

How Does Alkaline Water Ionizer Work
Written by Warner Levit
Last Update: July 25, 2022

Can you imagine life without water? We all know that a fleeting time of thirst or prolonged hours of going without water causes discomfort and develops into health difficulties that may extend over time.  Truly an element that we cannot go without, water is essential to hydrate our body from the largest organ down to the tiniest cell. For those who have not heard of it yet, did you know that there are different types of water? A favorite and popular kind among others is alkaline water. For some time, this hyped people into getting their own ionizers to have their own dose of alkaline water.

How Does Alkaline Water Ionizer Work?

Are you curious why alkaline water has become a hit to many people? Let us find out why and how the process of producing it works.

What is Alkaline Water?

When we speak of alkaline water, we are talking about water that has been rid off of acidity. It all stems from the original content of water – hydrogen and oxygen, hence, H20. The acidity of water is gauged in its pH level. The normal pH level of waterfalls within the range of 0 to 14, and for water to be considered neutral, it has to fall on the pH of 7. Water with pH under 7 is considered acidic while one that falls above 7 is alkaline. With this taken into consideration, the truth that tap water sometimes falls below the EPA recommended range of 6.5 to 8.5 makes it imperative that we find a way to get the best water quality at all times.

People are switching to alkaline water because of its benefits to the body in terms of fighting the risk of cancer. It is also known as a great catalyst to cleanse the colon, improve the immune system, facilitate hydration, detoxify, and slow down aging. These effects are known to be caused by its ORP properties and alkaline minerals.

Understanding How Does Alkaline Water Ionizer Work

If you have seen an Alkaline water dispenser, you have already seen the home appliance that is responsible for all the magic. A water ionizer is created to turn regular or tap water into alkaline water. This happens through the process of electrolysis which basically happens when an existing water source or output is separated into two parts – acidic and alkaline.

The process can easily be grasped because the main goal is to separate water into two parts. One, the acidic water that is not for consumption, and two, the alkaline water that has all the benefits for the drinker, however, understanding the process and its relation to the water ionizer’s design can be quite a challenge. The appliance is designed with an ultrafine filter that is made to rid of sediments from water. This also involves the presence of platinum-titanium electrodes for the purpose of ionization.

A closer look will show you that there are a lot of negatively charged ions, also referred to as “OH-“, in the process. These work together to neutralize free radicals and turn acidic water to alkaline. In this process, the molecules formed become micro water clusters (4-6 molecules/cluster) that can easily enter the cells in our body. These molecules are smaller than those of regular water, hence, absorption and permeability are better. This is also the reason why it is encouraged for many. Hydration is definitely better when large water clusters are broken down into smaller ones.

The presence of Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium contributes to its effects as it becomes better-tasting when compared to regular water. These also makeup and add to the supply that the body needs on a daily basis. Apart from this, the body’s acidity is then neutralized or lessened because it initiates its extraction via sweat, urine, or other forms of wastes eliminated from the body including the skin, bowel, kidneys, and lymph.

As for its anti-aging properties, the Alkaline Ionizer works by decreasing the mv charge or electron millivolt that is in charge of creating a negative oxidation-reduction potential. This converts your water to an effective antioxidant fluid while still being able to ward off disease-causing organisms. With all these being said, you can be sure that alkaline water is enough to provide you good-tasting, nourishing, and safe water to drink.


There are a lot of ways to invest in your health. If you have not been paying attention to yourself lately, this is the best way to start. It is not too late to catch up on the health benefits that everyone has been getting from alkaline water ionizers. You can easily get one for you and your household. Products with the best quality are always the best. Feel healthy and look young with alkaline water ionizers, with this at hand, there is no need to boil or go through the hoops to get the best quality of water.

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