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22 Types of Bathroom Faucets – What Type to Get for Your Sink?

types of bathroom faucets
Written by Lewis Turner

Certainly, there are so many types of bathroom faucets on the market. So many, that choosing only one becomes difficult. However, each type of faucet blends better with a certain type of sink. So, knowing well the style and features of your sink is the first step to make the best decision.

Today, we’ll explain you in detail the different types of bathroom faucets. With this valuable information, you’ll better know which option to use in each case.

Different Types of Bathroom Faucets

Different types of bathroom faucets

  • Widespread

Usually, widespread faucets are made up of three independent parts: two handles and a spout. Both handles control the flow of cold and hot water. Widespread faucets have a high ornamental value. So, they also improve the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Widespread faucets adapt to sinks with 3 holes.

  • Centerset

On centerset faucets, the handles and the spout are united in the same rigid body. The also adapt to sinks with 3 holes. Centerset faucets are the most common on the market and you can find them in a wide variety of designs.

  • Bridge

Bridge faucets adapt to sinks with 2 holes. These faucets owe their name to their peculiar shape. In this case, the spout body is located above the sink surface, on a rigid tube that connects both handles.

  • Single handle

Single handle faucets adapt to sinks with 1 hole. In this case, the handle goes behind the spout. By turning the handle to the right or left, you can easily control the water temperature.

  • Wall mounted

Wall mounted faucets are fixed to the walls. In this case, the plumbing fixtures are located above the bathroom sink basin. These kinds of faucets are ideal for floating sinks without predrilled holes. In this case, the spout is longer, so the water string can reach the basin.

  • Waterfall

On waterfall faucets, the spout is very thin and almost flat. There’s also an aerator on the hole, which changes the shape of the water string to mimic a waterfall. These types of faucets are very popular in spas, due to the relaxing sensation they provide.

  • Electronic

Electronic faucets are very common in public toilets. Their main purpose is to save water. They use proximity sensors to work. When the user brings their hands closer to the spout, the water runs automatically. Then, when the user takes their hands away from the sensor, the water flow stops.

  • Deck mount

Deck mount faucets are quite similar to their wall-mounted counterparts. However, in this case, the faucet is fixed to the bathroom countertop. These kinds of faucets are very versatile and you can also install them on bathtubs.

  • Single hole

As their name suggests, single hole faucets only need a hole to be installed. In this case, one or two handles are attached to the spout. Depending on the model, you can install them on a sink, countertop or wall.

  • Spread-fit

On spread fit faucets, the spout and the handles are separate pieces. So, each piece is installed in a different hole on the sink, countertop or wall.

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  • Minispread

Minispread faucets are usually installed on the sink surface. They’re quite similar to centerset faucets. However, in this case, the spout and the handles are completely independent pieces.

  • Vessel

They’re specially designed to fit vessel sinks. On vessel sinks, the basin is supported on the bathroom countertop. Vessel sinks have no holes. So, vessel faucets are installed in a single hole of the countertop.

In these cases, the spout is longer and extends several inches above the basin. The handles are usually behind or on both sides of the spout.

  • Sprinkle

Instead of a circular nozzle, sprinkle faucets have a rectangular nozzle. In addition, their complete structure is full of straight edges. This feature makes them look quite elegant. They’re the best choice for lovers of modern style.

Based On Handle Options

  • Knob handles

Knob handles are usually made of metal or acrylic. In this case, the user rotates a pair of knobs to control the water flow and temperature. Grooves on the handle increase the grip for a better handling.

Knob handles tend to get damaged with frequent use, so they aren’t very popular among buyers. Also, they’re not ADA compliant.

  • Single handle

On the other hand, single handles are ADA compliant. They’re very easy to use, so they’re ideal for homes with small children. In this case, the user rotates the handle in different directions to control the water temperature. The handle is usually behind or to the side of the spout.

  • Lever handles

Lever handles are the most common on the market. They’re available on a single-hole or 3-hole configuration. In addition, they’re ADA compliant and perfect for young children.

  • Cross handles

As their name suggests, these handles have a cross or “T” shape. They’re not ADA compliant, because the user needs to twist their wrist to use them. So, they aren’t the best option for people with weak hands.

  • Motion or touch activated

Touch activated faucets have no handles. The user only needs to bring their hands closer to a proximity sensor to activate the water flow. The water automatically stops running when the user takes their hands away from the sensor.

Based on Materials

  • Brass

Brass is an alloy that combines zinc, copper and other metals. It adds a slight shade of yellow to the bathroom and shower faucets that looks quite elegant. In addition, its high copper content prevents the pathogens growth on the surface.

Some brass faucets also contain aluminum to increase resistance to high impact and wear. Others contain tin materials to prevent zinc loss.

  • Zinc

Zinc is a cheaper alternative, but less resistant to brass. It has a natural gray tone that goes well with baths of the same color. However, plated models are better and blend well with any faucet. In addition, zinc is highly resistant to rust.

  • Stainless steel

In the case of bathroom faucets, stainless steel is the material par excellence. Stainless steel faucets are resistant to high impacts wear and rust. In addition, it has a glossy finish that increases the aesthetic value of any bathroom.

  • Plastic

Plastic is the cheapest material. So, plastic faucets are the best option for people with small budgets. Among all types of plastic, polyethylene is the best option. It has a superior resistance to high impacts. In addition, it doesn’t degrade in contact with water.

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Choosing the right type of faucet for your bathroom certainly takes a lot of planning. Before making a decision, visit various shopping websites and hardware stores to find different alternatives. Then, choose the one you like the most and best fit your budget.


Q. 1: What is the best external finish for bathroom faucets?

Ans: Above all, chrome plated finish is best for bathroom faucets. This finish provides superior resistance to rust and scratches. It’s also very elegant and increases the aesthetic value of the faucet.

Q. 2: What is the average installation cost of a bathroom faucet?

Ans: Usually, the average rate is $200 but can be much higher, depending on the complexity of the job.

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