Delta Leland 9178 AR-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta Leland 9178 AR-DST Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

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Delta 9178-ar-dst are wonderful kitchen faucets that have come with both manual and touch technology. And they provide your kitchen with a traditional and modern functional look. you can easily start and stop the water flow of these modern kitchen faucets with a simple touch anywhere on the spout. This feature will help you to clean your faucet always because when your hand is dirty, then you can easily on or off the water flow by a simple touch.

For running with the touch mode, they have batteries, and there is an indicator light which signals blue when touch mode is active, and when the batteries are low, they signal red. Thus, you can be easily alert about the battery life. This light also changes color to different water temperatures.

Delta Leland kitchen faucet features high neck spout which is very comfortable for washing the large pots or dishes. It is a pull-down faucet, and the hose can reach 20 inches which are multifunctional. The best feature of this faucet is that it provides three types of spray which are stream, spray and shield spray.

You can easily change the spray modes by the buttons on the spray wand; you can also change the modes by the handle or by touching the spout. The rate of water flow of this delta single handle kitchen faucet will also satisfy you for washing fast with less splatter. Besides these Delta Leland faucets have touch clean technology so you can easily clean the mineral with rubbing simply by fingers.

Classical design with multiple handles and spout alternatives in addition to a complete complement of add-ons or accessories and finishes, along with polished nickel make the Delta Cassidy collection the plain desire for a timeless, traditionally styled bath.

Our Remarks

From the overall kitchen faucet reviews, we have found delta 9178-ar-dst faucets as the best kitchen faucets for their quality and modern technology.  They will provide you touch technology so that you can on or off the water flow without pressing the button or using the handle. If you want you can use these faucets manually also. As the touch mode runs on batteries so you need to alert on the battery life and to make you alert they have an indicator light, and it will also change with different water temperatures.

To install this faucet is very easy and it fits strong on your sink. The long neck spout and the rotating swivel will provide you the flexibility to wash any large pots.  It has a long hose that you will be comfortable to wash anything by pulling down the sprayer. Besides, there are three spray types which will provide you multipurpose using also have excellent water flow for fast washing. You will also be relaxed with these cheap kitchen faucets with a lifetime warranty option for using for years.

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