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Water Purification Systems

10 Best Water Filter Pitchers to Buy Now According to Over 125,800 Customers

Filter pitchers are designed to eliminate harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and other dissolved solids. They also help to improve the quality of tap water. Our water filtration pitchers comparison chart shows the use of different filtration systems.

However, my experience with models of filter pitchers shows that reverse-osmosis (R-O) filtration systems are very efficient. They can remove 99% of harsh chemicals from tap water with their thin membranes.

Regardless of the filtration media, the best water filter pitcher that appeals to me is the type that performs effective ion-exchange. Also, before settling for any of these models, I ensure they are certified by either the American National Standards Institute (ANSI/NSF) or Water Quality Association (WQA).

These are two main filter certifying bodies that ensure you have a rewarding experience with a good water filter pitcher and faucet water filter.

So, it’s important to consider the specification of pitcher filter models before buying them off the shelf.

Alternatively, this buying guide will assist you to know how filters work if you lack the experience. I’ll recommend that intended buyers read through, and identify the right water filtration pitcher that meets your needs.

10 Best Water Filter Pitchers Reviews

1 Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher (Top Pick)

Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Brita’s an everyday name in office and home filtration systems. This Brita Water Filter Pitcher model has a classic oval design. Its space-saving design helps to maximize your refrigerator space. Also, the package comes with a standard filter, and the construction material is BPA-free. Let’s share other basic features that make this model of purifier jug as one of our top ten picks.

A 10-Cup Capacity: This plastic water filtration pitcher from Brita has a large size that helps households enjoy 10 cups (over 3 liters) of clean water instantly. It is a great product for families, and this efficient pitcher comes with a space-saving design that fits the refrigerator and shelves perfectly.

Cost-Saving Replacement Filters: Apart from one unit of Brita standard filter that comes with this package, you can use replacement filters after every 2 months or 40 gallons of filtration. When you replace the filter in due time, it will promote good health. Additionally, an early replacement will save you the hassles of buying about 300 disposable, 16-ounce plastic bottles of water.

Ergonomically Designed: This Brita plastic water filtration pitcher comes with a soft-grip handle that allows for single-hand usage. Its ergonomic design ensures the maximization of shelf and refrigerator space. Also, it has a removable lid that allows for easy refilling of water.

Electronic Filer-Change Reminder: Regardless of your busy schedules, the failure to replace Brita filters isn’t an excuse because of the built-in electronic reminder. This feature is a status indicator of your filter’s quality, and it helps you to enjoy an optimum performance.


  • Item Weight: 2.29 pound
  • Color: White
  • Width: 5.59 inches
  • Height: 10.47 inches
  • Length/Depth: 10.94 inches
  • Indicator: Electronic
  • Brand: Brita


  • It comes with a BPA-free filter that removes bad tastes and odor from tap water
  • This purifier jug has an effective filtration system that reduces the level of tap water’s cadmium, chlorine, mercury, zinc, and copper.
  • The use of this water filter pitcher saves the landfills from receiving 300 (16 oz.) plastic water bottles from your home.


  • The lid tends to close every time you use this Brita pitcher for easy refilling of water.

Our Verdict

The classic oval design of our Brita Water Filter Pitcher makes a proper fit for kitchen shelves and refrigerator doors. Its sturdy construction makes this product durable, and easy to use. More so, it comes with a standard BPA free Brita filter that helps to deionize hard water and reduce harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, and chlorine.

No wonder why it’s one of the highest-rated models on Amazon. I will recommend this Brita water filter pitcher for small households and single users.

2 Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

This model of Aquagear Filter Pitcher can remove 90% of Fluoride concentration from your municipal tap water. It will improve the taste of water, removes bad odor, but retains healthy trace minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. Also, it has an efficient filtration process that ensures a healthy living for your household. These are some of the features that this Aquagear purifier jug brings.

Rigorously Tested: As a confirmation of contaminant reduction, this model of Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher has been tested independently. It used an efficient filtration system of removing 99.9% of chlorine, chloramine, arsenic, and lead. Also, this product can eliminate over 50 VOCs, chromium-6 (99.4%), and mercury (97.8%), fluoride (90.6%).

Triple Capacity Filters: Ions, harsh chemicals, and water sediments can’t withstand the power of this pitcher’s triple capacity filters. You can enjoy 150 gallons of clean water, and extended filter life with this Aquagear pitcher.

Premium Design: It’s easy to sustain good health when you use filters with premium quality designs. As a BPA-free purifier jug that’s made from food grade materials, our Aquagear pitcher removes 2000% contaminants than regular filter models.

Fluoride Removal: The long-lasting filter cartridge in this Aquagear model has a good filtering capacity that eliminates 90.6% of Fluoride from tap water. Also, the Aquagear replaceable filter can serve you for 3 months.


  • Item Weight: 3.02 pound
  • Color: White
  • Product Dimension: 10.9 x 10.8 x 5.4 inches
  • Brand: Aquagear


  • This model comes with a 5-stage filtration system and 2-micron pores
  • It’s made from 100% recyclable, and BPA-free materials
  • This model of Aquagear purifier jug has the capacity of holding 8 cups (16 oz.) of water


  • It doesn’t have an electronic indicator LED light that determines filter life

Our Verdict

With a 5-stage filtration process, the Aquagear purifier jug is capable of removing organic and toxic inorganic particulates from tap water. However, this model of water filter pitcher comes with two-micron pores and a special filter for lead and fluoride removal.

It’s an efficient filtration device that protects households, and individuals from contaminants that other regular filters miss. It’s also one of the top-rated models on our list.

The Aquagear Pitcher is an ideal product for buyers that need healthy trace minerals like Magnesium and Calcium in their tap water.

3 Brita Large Everyday Water Pitcher (Budget-Friendly)

Brita Large Everyday Water Pitcher

Your household can enjoy healthier, and one of the best-tasting soft water with the BPA-free Brita 1.00603E+13 pitcher model. This high-end water filter pitcher from Brita has a holding capacity of 10 cups water, and it comes with a standard filter. Moreover, Brita pitchers are easy to clean. These are some of the features that ensure a clean drink from this everyday Brita Water Pitcher model.

Easy Installation Process: It doesn’t require a special plumbing or drilling tool to set up this 1.00603E+13 water filter pitcher model from Brita. Simply wash your hands, and flush the filter with cold water for at least 15 seconds. Then, place the filter into its reservoir and add fill with tap water. Don’t drink the water from your pitcher’s first three filtrations because they may contain carbon dust.

Electronic Indicator: The electronic indicator light in this 1.00603E+13 model allows for optimum performance and timely replacement of filters. Regardless of your busy lifestyle, this pitcher’s status indicator alerts you that the cartridge filter needs is due for replacement. Additionally, buyers should replace this water filter pitcher every two months or 40 gallons.

Waste Reduction: By using this Everyday Brita Water Filter model, you can prevent the dumping of 300 disposable (16.9-ounce) water bottles in landfills annually. It’s a great way of saving the earth and reducing wastes.

Taste-Test Certified: This model of water filter pitcher has passed rigorous taste-tests, and helps to improve the taste of tap water. Clean and healthy water promotes fast metabolism and hydration. Also, our BPA-free Brita 1.00603E+13 filter pitcher removes odor, mercury, chlorine, cadmium, and copper from tap water.


  • Item Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Height: 10.47 inches
  • Width: 5.59 inches
  • Length/Depth: 10.94 inches
  • Brand: Brita


  • This BPA-free Brita water filter pitcher has a holding capacity that can fill 10 (16 oz.) cups
  • The replaceable Brita filter can serve for 2 months (40 gallons)
  • This water filter pitcher comes with an electronic indicator light that shows the level of your filter’s life


  • This Brita Water Filter Pitchers 1.00603E+13 model serves only two months

Our Verdict

Our water pitcher 1.00603E+13 model from Brita is easy to install and use. Its flip-top lid allows for fast refilling, and the sticker filter indicator helps you maintain proper hygiene. Also, our water filter pitchers comparison shows that Brita standard replacement filters are very efficient. It offers great value for the money. I’ll recommend this product for families and single users.

4 Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

This double-duty Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher from EHM performs micro multi-level filtration that enhances the quality of tap water. As a filter-cum-alkaliser, this EHM ULTRA water ionizer pitcher comes with a 6-stage filter cartridge, and it’s very efficient for the removal of chlorine. Let’s discuss the range of features that comes with this model of purifier jug.

Composite 6-Stage Filter Cartridge: This EHM ULTRA purifier uses a 6-stage filtration process to remove heavy metals, and sediments from your tap water. Also, it raises the alkalinity of water by fixing the pH value at 10pH. While offering a low-negative ORP value of between -100 to -200 mv, the filter cartridge retains essential trace minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium.

Enhanced Hydration: The micro-clustering process of the EHM ULTRA Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher ensures the production of alkaline water that our bodies can absorb easily. This filtered alkaline water hydrates the body faster than regular tap water. Also, ionized water is helpful with many health benefits that include high immune system and energy levels.

Ionization Strength: The premium water filtration technology that comes with this filter pitcher model is effective for ionizing unfiltered water. Also, the mineralized alkaline water it produces can neutralize the concentration of free radicals and toxins in tap water.

High Filtration Capacity: This alkaline and mineral water filter pitcher can purify 3.5 liters of water instantly. Its high filtration capacity can serve a medium-sized family for two months. Also, this multi-stage filtration process ensures the elimination of over 90% of harmful particles like lead and copper.


  • Item Weight: 2.25 pounds
  • Water Alkaline Level: 10 pH
  • Brand: EHM


  • Between 2014 to 2019, this EHM ULTRA Premium water filter pitcher was voted as the best in the category of alkaline purifier jugs
  • It uses the technology of micro-clustering to reduce tap water’s molecule size
  • This pitcher provides alkaline water that’s rich in trace minerals, and free from toxins


  • Being the best water pitcher in the alkaline category, its filter life is not durable. Instead, the replaceable filter has an average lifespan of two months.

Our Verdict

It’s not enough to drink odorless, and clean water. The consumption of clean water with high alkalinity ensures proper hydrating and enhanced metabolism. Also, the EHM ULTRA Premium water filter pitcher provides filtered ionized water that retains essential trace minerals.

I’ll recommend this product for individuals and homeowners that want to enjoy natural anti-aging effects, and high immune systems from filtered tap water.

5 Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers

The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher makes you happy with clean and tasteful water. The design makes water filling an easy job and the size is perfect to fit into your fridge.

The filtration results are pleasantly positive, which allows you to drink with no hesitation. This pitcher is the perfect tool to drink a glass of water at home that tastes better than the bottled types.

Practical Design: The pitcher is well-designed with the handle securely attached to it. The sturdy material and the overall presentation seem perfect for a pitcher. You will especially love the color and the clear basin up top.

Decent Capacity: The capacity of this reservoir is larger than other models in the market. The water amount is decent for one person. It allows you to drink 3 gallons of water a day before a refill.

Cost-Saving Water Filters: Fast filtration. This pitcher filters out fluoride, iron, and iron bacteria and removes the color. The water streams out the bottom but doesn’t drip. The lifespan of the filter cartridge is 200 gallons, which significantly reduces your cost of buying water bottles. Your Epic Pure water filters may need sooner or later replacements depending on your water consumption rate. The contamination level of your water source also affects the filtration lifespan.

Better Taste Than Bottled Water: This filter pitcher allows you to enjoy a clean glass of water whenever you want. You don’t have to stay concerned about horrible things such as mineral or chlorine taste. The change in the taste is immediately noticeable and the quality of the water is incomparable.

Electronic Indicator: The filter replacement day indicator is a practical feature. This keeps you prepared to change the filter but you may also determine the time by the taste of the water.


  • Item dimensions: 3.94 x 1.57 x 3.94 inches
  • Material: Tritan
  • Color: Navy blue
  • Capacity: 3.5 liters
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • LED timer: 90 days
  • Purification method: Activated carbon block, ion
  • NSF/ANSI test standards: 42, 53, 401, and P473


  • The design is modern and practical
  • The build material is sturdy and high-quality
  • The large capacity is sufficient for a single person
  • Effective water filtration improves the water taste
  • The longer lifespan saves your cost to buy filter cartridges
  • The water pitcher removes color and filters out harmful elements such as fluoride and lead
  • Filter replacement indicator allows you to change filters on time


  • The top compartment may come unattached when you pour water into the pitcher
  • The replacement filters are a bit pricey

Our Verdict

The Epic Pure water filter pitcher has come a long way with a huge improvement in the design. The new setup allows for fast filtration and a great water taste. The reduction in water wastage is incomparable with other models. Grab this pitcher to enjoy clean water at home at your convenience.

6 Zerowater 23 Cup Pitcher Filter

Zerowater 23 Cup Pitcher Filter

You can get more out of your tap water with the premium 5-stage filtration system of ZeroWater Water Filter Pitchers. It is the largest model on our list. This pitcher eliminates ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ (TDS) like hard metals, minerals, and salts from tap water.

As a household name in water filtration technology, this BPA-free ZeroWater pitcher is ANSI and  NSF-certified. I’ll share some basic factors that make this pitcher model unique.

A 23-Cup Water Dispenser: The ZeroWater filter pitcher can meet the needs of families as a superb water dispenser, and individuals by dispensing 23 cups of great-tasting water instantly. While you consume filtered water on-the-go; this filter’s no-drip spigot and slim tank design ensure a non-stop filtration process.

Multi-Stage Filtration System: This ZeroWater pitcher uses a 5-stage (carbon filters and Ion Exchange Technology) filtration system to eliminate 99.6% of TDS, hard metals, organic contaminant, and suspended solids. It’s multi-stage filtration process also takes care of pesticide chemicals, and sediments that flow from your municipal treatment plans and old water pipes.

NSF and ANSI Standard: ZeroWater filters are certified by NSF and ANSI to reduce the concentration of both Chromium and Lead (according to the standards set by EPA WaterSense). Their pour-through premium water filters help owners of ZeroWater pitchers to enjoy clean, and freshwater.

Modern Design: Our ZeroWater pitcher is ergonomically designed with a slim tank and portable on-the-go cup filters. Its efficient handle is made from non-slip materials, and the built-in reservoir is BPA-free.


  • Item Weight: 5.06 pounds
  • Filter System: Multi-stage (Activated charcoal carbon and Ion exchange technology)
  • Filtration Capacity: 23 Cups
  • Brand: ZeroWater


  • It offers a multi-stage filtration process for the removal of metals chlorine, lead, bacteria, fluoride and 99.6% of ‘Total Dissolved Solids’
  • This pitcher model comes with a pour-through water filter that’s certified by both the NSF and ANSI to eliminate lead and chromium respectively
  • Our 23-cup pitcher comes with a unique water-quality meter


  • This ZeroWater filter pitcher model doesn’t have a space-saving design for refrigerators and shelves

Our Verdict

ZeroWater filters are very efficient brands of water pitchers that give users great-tasting water in the office and at home. As part of its 5-stage filtration system, this product combines activated charcoal carbon and ion exchange technology to increase the quality of tap water.

Also, this package includes a water-quality meter that shows you the level of purity. I’ll recommend this BPA-free ZeroWater purifier jug for all homeowners.

7 Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Do you need a cleaner, great tasting tap water? This cheap water filter pitcher from Brita has a space-efficient design and BPA-free plastic construction. Its ease of installation makes this Brita pitcher model a must-have for homes and offices. Generally, this product is a great hydration device that helps to fuel your body during and after a hectic workout session. Let’s analyze the features that make this water filter pitcher unique.

The Ease of Installation: Installation and filter replacement are easy when you follow these steps. Simply flush this Brita filter with water for at least 15 seconds. Then, insert this filter into its reservoir and align the filter’s groove with the reservoir’s notch. Press firmly to ensure a tight connection. Please remember that your first three pitchers will bring carbon dust.

Electronic Indicator: Your filter life is monitored by a digital gauge, and alerts you when there’s a need for a replacement. This electronic filter change reminder enhances optimum performance. With a green light showing on the status indicator, your water pitcher’s filter doesn’t need a replacement. However, you’ll need a replacement filter after every 40 gallons (2 months) when the indicator light turns green.

Space-Saving Design: The Brita Small 5 Cup Water Filter Pitcher has a space-saving design that allows it to fit into refrigerators, and shelves perfectly. Also, it’s easy to refill, and great for small-sized families.

Waste Reduction: This Brita water filter saves people from dumping plastic waste in landfills. A unit of this pitcher model replaces 300 units of standard 16-ounce plastic bottles. So, it’s a great way of saving the environment for the benefit of humanity.


  • Item Weight: 1.39 pounds
  • Height: 9.8 inches
  • Width: 4.45 inches
  • Length/Depth: 9.37 inches
  • Filtration Capacity: 5 Cups
  • Brand: Brita


  • This pitcher model comes with a convenient 5-cup capacity and space-saving design
  • Our Brita water pitcher is ergonomically crafted with a flip-top lid that’s easy to refill
  • Its filtration system reduces bad taste, odor, chlorine, mercury, cadmium, and pathogens in tap water


  • This small cup capacity is not ideal for large-sized households

Our Verdict

This is the cheapest Brita model on our list. This mini filter jar has eye-catching design. Its BPA-free construction promotes a healthy filtration process. The water filter container has a 5-cup capacity and a standard replaceable filter. Also, people that use this pitcher model can save 300 standard 16-ounce water bottles.

However, it comes with an indicator that reminds you to replace the filter after every 40 gallons of filtered water.

8 Lake Industries Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher

Lake Industries Premium Great Tasting Alkaline Water Pitcher

Our water filters pitchers comparison chart indicates that products that provide alkaline water are must-haves. This Alkaline Water Pitcher from Lake Industries is one of the best water filter pitchers in our top ten picks. As a premium model of alkaline filter, this product enjoys the basic certifications from ANSI and NSF. Let’s share more interesting details about the Alkaline Water Pitcher from Lake Industries.

Premium Filtration Media: This Alkaline Water Pitcher provides great-tasting water because it uses a multi-stage filtration system. It features activated coconut charcoal, ion exchange resin, tourmaline, and mineral balls to purify tap water. Also, its 7-stage filtration process ensures optimum performance for household and personal use.

Quick Filtration: As a high-end alkaline water pitcher, this Lake Industries model offers a fast filtering process. Also, after refilling the built-in tank, it ensures that you get clean water instantly. It uses fine particle filters to remove Chromium-6, Chlorine, Lead, Zinc, and Copper before providing alkaline water.

Support for Your Health: As a good alkalizer, this pitcher provides water with high pH value that supports fast metabolism, and boosts your immune system. Also, alkaline water improves hydration levels and gives a glowing skin. So, it’s better to buy this Alkaline Water Pitcher from Lake Industries than pay a doctor to treat your avoidable water-borne diseases.

Unique Design: This alkaline water filter pitcher comes with an easy-to-fill lid and BPA-free materials. The unique design allows users to pour the filtered water and fill the pitcher’s reservoir with ease. Also, the plastic material for making this Alkaline Water Pitcher is environmentally friendly.


  • Item Weight: 11.2 ounce
  • Filtration Capacity: 2.5 liters
  • Brand: Lake Industries


  • It offers a fast filtering process that eliminates lead, chlorine, chromium-6, zinc, and copper from tap water
  • As a good alkalizer, this pitcher supports multi-stage filtration systems that include ion exchange resin, activated carbon, mineral balls, and tourmaline
  • It comes with an easy-to-fill lid and reservoir


  • This Lake Industries Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher has a small holding capacity of 2.5 liters

Our Verdict

By using alkalizers that have mineral filters, homeowners will enjoy great-tasting water with high pH value. This type of water has many health benefits because it retains valuable minerals. I’ll recommend this alkaline water filter pitcher for every household.

9 PUR CR-6000 7-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

PUR CR-6000 7-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

The CR-6000 water filtration pitcher model from PUR is a BPA-free product that comes with a space-saving design. This PUR filtration dispenser is a well-known model of water filter pitchers. It’s one of the choices for individuals that need to filter and improve the taste of tap water.

However, you don’t have to worry about lead, cadmium, and mercury in your tap water after purchasing this product. Let’s discuss other interesting features that make the CR-6000 7-Cup purifier jug one of our top ten picks.

User-friendly Design: The ergonomic design of PUR water filter pitchers has been displayed with this model greatly. It comes with a very comfortable handle and a flip-top lid that allows refilling with one hand. Also, this pitcher has a space-saving design that makes it a perfect fit for kitchen shelves and fridges.

MAXION Filter Technology: Tap water with high Mercury concentration can be filtered with MAXION Filter Technology. With this technology, the PUR 7-cup water filter pitcher can clear 95% of Mercury, Chlorine, and 96% of pharmaceuticals. Also, MAXION technology works with both activated carbon and ion exchange filtration systems to ensure optimum performance.

LED Indicator: When the red LED indicator comes on, it means your filter is due for replacement. This filter change indicator lights help you to track the lifespan and prevent inefficiency.

The 7-Cup Capacity: With a filtration capacity for 7 cups of water on-the-go, this water filter pitcher from PUR is ideal for personal use. It offers 40 gallons of water with the 2-month lifespan of your filter.


  • Item Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Filtration Capacity: 7 Cups
  • Brand: PUR


  • It uses MAXION Filter Technology with a combination of both activated carbon and ion exchange systems
  • This water filter dispenser has an indicator light that shows the filter life
  • Its space-saving design allows for easy stacking on the shelf, and in the refrigerator


  • The PUR 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher has a small holding capacity that might require a hectic task of refilling the reservoir throughout the day.

Our Verdict

I’ll recommend this product for homeowners that receive tap water with high concentrations of mercury and chlorine. This PUR 7-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher comes with the MAXION Filter Technology, activated charcoal and ion exchange filtration systems. It’s a lightweight pitcher that’s portable and can be used in the office.

10 Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher

Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher

The 6 cups Brita Atlantis can filter sediment-rich water, and it’s very efficient. This BPA-free pitcher combines ion exchange resin and coconut-based activated carbon as its filtration system. Generally, Brita products have sturdy constructions and are durable. Also, this 6 cup Brita Atlantis model has impressive water filter pitcher ratings. Let’s examine the qualities that make this 6 cups Brita Atlantis pitcher one of our top ten picks.

Filter Change Indicator: Usually, water filter pitcher owners need notification to change their cartridge filters. This pitcher model comes with a status indicator that displays the life of filters. Most of the users remain confused about when to change a Brita filter.  You are required to replace cartridge filters after every 40 gallons or two months.

Effective Filtration: This compact water filter pitcher ensures effective filtration that removes bad tastes, odor, Chloramines, cadmium, copper, and mercury. These contaminants flow with unfiltered tap water and can cause illness in the long run.

However, the combination of coconut-based activated carbon and ion exchange resin filtration systems can keep contaminants away from your tap water.

Ergonomic Design: The small, 6-cup capacity Brita Atlantis pitcher has an impressive design. This ergonomic beauty makes the pitcher a perfect fit for refrigerators, and kitchen shelves. Also, this water filter pitcher’s design includes a flip-top lid that allows for easy refilling and a convenient non-slip handle.

Waste Reduction: You can save the environment by using this small, 6 cup Brita Atlantis water filter pitcher. One unit of this product is equivalent to 300 units of standard plastic bottles that are dumped in our landfills and oceans.


  • Item Weight: 2.35 pounds
  • Filtration Capacity: 6 Cups
  • Brand: Brita Atlantis


  • It’s effective at removing the odor and taste of chlorine, copper, and lead.
  • Its filter lifespan is two months or every 40 gallons.
  • This pitcher is ergonomically designed with a white top and comfortable handle design


  • This Brita Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher has a small, 6-cup capacity that might need constant refilling throughout the day.

Our Verdict

Brita is a reliable brand. Usually, multi-stage filtration systems, offered by Brita, are more effective than single filtration media. This Brita 6-Cup Atlantis Water Filter Pitcher is effective because it combines ion exchange resin with coconut-based activated carbon filtration systems. I’ll recommend this model of a pitcher for individuals and office use.

Other Brita pitcher filter models that might interest you: Marella, Ultra Max (the biggest Brita filter with 18 cup capacity), Ob03, Monterey, Lake (comes with 2 filters), and Longlast.

Best Water Filter Pitcher – Buying Guide

Water Filter Pitcher buying guide

Most high-end water filter pitchers have a space-saving design that enables them to fit perfectly. Usually, the contaminants in hard water cause many unpleasant effects like skin troubles, teeth coloration, and bad air quality. To avoid these negative effects, you should consider these factors before buying any of the best water filter pitchers on the market.

1. Material of Jug

The materials of purifier jugs are made to reduce the risk of contamination of filtered water. Normally, a food-grade plastic material makes the best water pitcher. However, low-quality plastic materials might be dangerous to the health of your household. Apart from the risk of toxicity, plastic purifier jugs are lightweight and have varying water-holding capacities. However, you can also find glass and stainless steel filter models as well.

2. Estimated Filter Life

Most pitchers have excellent filter lifespan. You shouldn’t ignore the filter life because of the risk of waterborne diseases. Usually, coconut shell carbon type filters will require frequent changes, while cartridge filters can handle up to 19,000 liters of unfiltered water. Averagely, a 6-month replacement period of filters is ideal, but a 2-month replacement is a low quality-filter.

3. Average Filtration Rate

Filter jugs have different filtration capacities that determine the quality of potable water. Filters are rated according to their speed of filtration. Usually, slow water filter pitchers are not durable products. Poor filtering speed might cause clogging, and compromise the quality of water.

Also, it might cause users to replace cartridge filters frequently, and reduce the efficiency of water filter pitchers. However, it’s cost-effective to buy filter pitcher models that deionize hard water and remove every contaminant in the fastest possible time.

4. Capacity

The level of Chlorine removal from tap water is the most common determinant of taste-tests. Generally, buyers prefer water pitcher models to handle specific contaminants. So, it’s their needs that determine the choice of purifier jugs. However, the best-rated water filter pitcher must eliminate odor, limescale, and bad taste of tap water.

5. Double Duty

Filtration and ionization of water are double benefits from high-end filter pitcher models. Normally, water with high alkalinity is better than acidic water. This preference of alkaline water is because it increases the rate of metabolism, strengthens the immune system, and aids weight loss goals.

Also, most of the best water filter pitchers with double-duty features don’t remove good water minerals like Magnesium, and Calcium.

6. Ergonomics

The aesthetic design of water filter pitchers reflects the quality of craftsmanship and durability. Usually, purifier jug models with ergonomic design have non-slip, comfortable handles and transparent clearview parts to see the water inside clearly. Also, their fascinating designs can improve the interior decoration of your kitchen.

In terms of colors, they vary widely. The most common colors for such filters are white, black, brown, blue, teal, grey, yellow, navy blue, green, pink and purple.

7. Ease of Use

The ease of use of any water filter pitcher model starts from the installation process. This factor makes your access to clean water easy, and convenient to use. Also, easy-to-use pitchers have lids that allow for convenient refilling, and storage after use.

8. Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Apart from replacing cartridge and carbon filters when necessary, the process of cleaning and maintaining purifier jugs should be considered before buying any model. Cleaning and basic maintenance processes are important to avoid limescale, algae, and other microorganisms from forming their habitats in your pitchers.

It’s unhealthy to leave the corners, tubes, and filters of your pitcher with impurities after using it.

9. Filter Changing Indication

Highly enhanced water filter jugs come with electronic indicators that alert owners when it’s time to replace their filters. Usually, homeowners tend to forget these replacement dates especially when they have busy lifestyles. However, the filter change indicator is a factor to consider when choosing any purifier jug model.

10. BPA-free Feature

While using purifier jugs, it’s proper to ensure zero tolerance of water contamination from materials of these devices. Generally, a BPA-free material is used to construct water filter pitchers. This food-grade, BPA-free material has been certified by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), NSF, and Water Quality Association (WQA) for water filtration purposes.

11. Price

The range of water filter pitchers is between $10 to $50, and you might find some of the best water purifier pitchers that cost more because of their extra features. However, it’s advisable to stick with your budget when choosing the right pitchers for your needs.

What Is a Water Filter Pitcher and Why Need This?

best drinking water filter pitcher

The best pitcher water filters usually have containers; they come in different shapes and sizes. They are self-contained purifier jugs with built-in filters that eliminate impurities from tap water in exchange for clean, soft water. You wouldn’t need an additional water softener or a water filter.

After knowing what filter pitchers are, it’s important to know how to spot an ideal model. So, what is the best water filter pitcher?

Depending on the design of water filter pitchers, their containers can hold different volumes of water. Apart from heavy metals, there are other contaminants in tap water that filter pitchers can eliminate. Here is a breakdown of particulates, and harsh chemicals in tap water.

  • Chlorine is municipal water purifying chemical that changes the taste and odor of water. However, the activated charcoal filters in purifier jugs can remove chlorine from tap and well water.
  • Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) are harsh chemicals that are used as formulas for herbicides and pesticides. Naturally, the capillary action of underground water increases the risk of contamination with chemicals that are used for farming. Usually, some concentrations of VOCs are pumped from municipal water treatment plants to consumers.
  • Trihalomethane compounds are by-products of the chlorine, and they flow with tap water from treatment plants. Also, these harmful compounds are cancerous but can be filtered with any top rated water filter pitcher model.
  • Fluoride is a water treatment chemical that strengthens your teeth, but it causes thyroid conditions. Other tap water contaminants are Mercury, Asbestos, Benzene, Giardia, chloramines, Cryptosporidium, Atrazine, and Lead.

How often and How to Change Water Filter Pitchers?

When ambient moisture and humidity affect your filter, it will affect the pitcher’s performance. Usually, water filter pitcher manufacturers provide instruction manuals when you buy their products. This manual shows buyers how to install, and maintain their pitchers. However, I’ll give some instructions that will ensure the optimum performance of any pitcher model you choose from our top picks.

There is a filter indicator on pitchers that show the status of replaceable filters. However, you can read the label of a new filter to understand when it needs a replacement in the absence of an electronic indicator. Usually, it takes between two and six months to replace regular cartridge and carbon filters. This practice may vary when you use reverse osmosis (RO) filtration systems. Also, water quality test tools can help you to know the contamination level of your tap water.

In the condition of heavy contamination from your water source, it’s expedient that you change the filters frequently. It takes less than ten minutes to replace filters in the best-filtered water pitcher. The replacement is done on the average of three months, and the style of replacement varies with the model of pitcher you choose. After the filtration, you can preserve the water in a quality water cooler to have chilled pure water any time at home.

These are the steps to follow when changing regular filters.

  • Insert the new filter into a bowl of cold water, and allow it to soak water for at least ten minutes.
  • Then, align the filter’s groove with the notch of your pitcher’s reservoir.
  • Press the filter against the reservoir to ensure a tight connection.
  • Allow the process of filtration to occur three times, and drain the water it gives you
  • This process will ensure the removal of carbon dust with your first three pitchers and activate the carbon filter
  • Your water filter pitcher is ready for use.

Working Mechanism of Water Filter

Every pitcher water filtration process comes with a unique filter. However, filters are replaceable and the frequency of changing them varies with their types. I’ll share some common types of filters in purifier jugs.

Carbon Filters

Activated charcoal is a type of carbon filter. Unlike replaceable cartridge filters that are made out of lids, activated charcoal media have spongy surfaces. The latter is made of layers of porous granules that filter impurities through the process of adsorption. It’s their level of high porosity, that enables carbon filters to perform the exchange of ions effectively. Also, a gram of activated charcoal carbon has an average adsorption surface of 32,000 square feet.

They are great at filtering pathogens and inorganic impurities in tap water. Activated charcoal filters are prepared with common materials like wood shafts, coconut shells, coal, or lignite. Depending on the manufacturer of water filter pitcher models, carbon filters might use one of the following processes.

Chemical activation

  • Physical activation through carbonization
  • Physical activation through oxidation

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are replaceable lids, and they offer filtration. The single cartridge style filter has multiple layers that eliminate good and bad minerals from tap water. Some of these stages of filtration include; tourmaline, mineral balls, ion-exchange resins, and activated carbon. Generally, cartridge filters are effective because of the multi-stage filtration process.

Benefits of Using Water Pitcher Filter

best rated water filter pitcher

Manufacturers of the safest water filter pitcher models claim to have superior products that can remove 99% of contaminants from tap water using high-end purification technology. Generally, our water filter pitcher comparison result shows the following benefits.

  • It removes water sediments, rust, harmful chemicals like Lead, Mercury, and Chlorine from tap water
  • Pitcher filters improve the taste of water and remove the odor like a water ionizer.
  • They can purify at least 100 gallons of unfiltered water, you can enjoy the benefits of a water softener from such pitchers
  • Their containers might be made from food-grade ABS plastics, and BPA-free materials
  • Your body’s level of hydration and energy increases by drinking filtered, soft water

Let’s see what other benefits you can enjoy from water filter pitchers.

Wrapping It Up

It’s healthy to drink great-tasting water that’s free from contaminants. You can get any of the best water filter pitchers on the market from our top ten picks. Generally, this buying guide and reviews show you everything that determines a great pitcher.

Hopefully, having gone through the reviews, you’ve already figured out which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants. However, you might have to balance your choice with the need for a filter pitcher model.

They are relatively affordable, and durable when you ensure proper maintenance. I’ll recommend the Brita Water Filter Pitcher with Large 10-Cup capacity for families with a large number of residents. This BPA-free purifier jug has great filtration speed deionizing tap water’s sediments and ‘total dissolved solids.’

Another great pitcher model that can remove cadmium, chlorine, mercury, zinc, and copper from tap water is the PUR CR-6000 7-Cup Water Filter Pitcher. This model of water filter pitcher is ideal for single users because of its 7-cup capacity.

Also, it uses MAXION filter technology with ion exchange filtration and activated charcoal media to ensure clean water. I am confident that other products from our top ten picks will provide optimum performance.

So, I look forward to reading your positive reviews after buying any pitcher model from our water filter pitcher review.


Q: What is the best water filter pitcher?

Ans: Our water filtration experts carried out extensive research and testing to sort the ultimate water filter pitchers that are available today. Check out our list that include Brita Large 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher, Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher, Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher, Invigorated Water Ph Restore Alkaline Water Pitcher, Zerowater 23 Cup Pitcher Filter and Lake Industries Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher.

Q: Do water filter pitchers work?

Ans: Water filter pitchers do work. The amount of time they take to filter water might be different, but they are designed to filter using different filtration methods depending on how much you are ready to pay for a particular model.

Q. Is ZeroWater better than Brita?

Ans. Brita has earned positive ratings for good odor reduction and flavor. You will get a minimal off-taste but the smell will be gone. ZeroWater provides water with a metallic taste but eliminates odors. The flavor and odor reduction make Brita a better choice.

Q. Is Brita or PUR water filter better?

Ans. PUR stands no chance in front of Brita when you consider the water taste, pitcher options, filter lifespan, and replacement costs. The main application of a water filter pitcher is to remove contaminants, and PUR filters are better at removing and reducing chemicals than Britas.

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