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10 Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucets, According to 7,000+ Customer Reviews

When decorating your kitchen, it’s so easy to overlook the minute details that can have a large impact on the overall aesthetic. One example is the faucet that has the capability to be the centerpiece of your kitchen if you make a good choice.

Aside from the aesthetic value, pull-out faucets have many benefits that make them so popular today in American households. For instance, you can reach all over the sink that makes cleaning simpler and easier.

But how do you find the best pull out kitchen faucet from a myriad of options out there. Our seasoned plumbers and volunteers reviewed today’s top units from renowned brands and shared their experience right here.

See which faucet helps you have your dream kitchen!

Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucets Reviews

01 Pfister G13310SS Pfirst Series (Top Pick)

Pfister G13310SS Pfirst Series

Pfister G13310SS is a popular kitchen fixture and users rave about its stainless steel finishing and stylish looks. When it comes to installation, this could easily fit a 1 or 3 hole. The pull out faucet helps you save water by at least 20%. This is an extremely impressive feature because, in our planet, we are wasting water and conserving it is a need of the hour.

The pull out spray head has a toggle button which allows you to change the water mode. There are two modes: spray and stream. You can choose the one as per your preference and the need. Some dishes may require the stream mode for proper cleaning and others would need spray mode.

If there are small dishes, you do not need a lot of water. This model meets the CalGreen criteria and has received rave reviews for its space and water saving feature. It is the high-rated choice that nails the one-handle design.

The highlight of this model is that it is very easy to install! You could either take help from a professional or opt for DIY. Pfister G13310SS is easy to mount and has a fantastic finishing. But the drawbacks are that the connections are too weak and they are not as durable and could cause leakage.


  • Imported
  • Color – Stainless steel
  • Hole Installation – 1 or 3
  • Toggle button for Water Mode Change
  • Pull out spray head
  • Type – Pull Out Faucet


  • It helps in conserving water by 20%
  • The product is compatible with 1 and 3 holes
  • The arch is high spout which gives enough clearance
  • There is a toggle button for you to select the spray or stream water mode.
  • It is ADA compliant


  • The connections are not as durable
  • The flow of water is not as much as you would require

Final Verdict

Pfister G13310SS has many positive features like the high spout arch and the toggle button which allows you to choose the water mode. Additionally, you can install it easily in your kitchen. However, the manufacturers could work on making the connection durable.

Some users complained about the flow of water not being strong enough. The manufacturers can work on these two areas. Other than these two drawbacks, Pfister G13310SS is fantastic and sits proudly on the #1 position.

02 Comllen Commercial Stainless Steel Faucet (Budget-Friendly)

Comllen Commercial Stainless Steel Faucet

Are you on a budget? If the answer is a resounding YES, then consider buying this Comllen Commercial choice. This is a budget-friendly option for a commercial kitchen faucet, but it does not come with a decoration plate. This is a single handle faucet, and you can easily control the cold and hot water.

Let’s talk about the looks of this faucet which comes at a great price. Majority of the buyers would think that paying less means scrimping on the quality and looks. However, it looks good and functions properly. It has a brushed steel finishing that resists corrosion and tarnish.

A kitchen faucet is used on a daily basis and you would need a model that is durable. Comllen Commercial is praise-worthy and it is possible for 1 hole installation. Its design is pleasing to the eyes, though you may need to buy a decorative plate separately.

The pull-out sprayer can be rotated fully till 360 degrees. It is drip-free and you get a smooth-flowing stream from it. Since it has 360-degree rotation, there is more room for sink activity. Is this worth the price? Well, it is affordable and has many features that make it a winner.


  • Installation – 1 Hole
  • No decorative plate
  • Sprayer – 360-degree rotation
  • Finish – Brushed Steel
  • Single handle faucet


  • This is a single handle model
  • The sprayer can be rotated 360 degrees
  • It has a brushed steel finish which makes it corrosion and scratch-resistant.
  • You can easily control hot and cold water
  • It comes with a durable ceramic cartridge


  • No clear instructions for using the tape
  • The installation method is not as straight-forward

Final Verdict

Comllen Commercial is a real seller! Its selling points include the 360 degrees rotating sprayer, the single-handle faucet, affordability, and even the brushed steel finish. The manufacturer should give clear instructions for installation.

It is not as easy to install, but it is the finest product that you could get at the price you pay! You get a lot more than you expect from an affordable choice.

03 Delta Faucet Cassidy 4197-AR-DST (Advanced Choice)

Delta Faucet Cassidy 4197-AR-DST

If you are looking for an advanced option with a touch of luxury in the design, then invest in the Delta Faucet Cassidy. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty. If you are worried about the hole installation, this is easily compatible with 1 and 3-hole. The color is arctic stainless and looks supremely classy in your kitchen!

It has a DIAMOND seal technology that helps in avoiding leakage. It has a touch-clean spray hole which cleans out all the build-up inside. This way you will always have a good flow of water from this choice.

If you wish to put all your eggs in one basket – what would be the selling points of this model? It is easy to install, clean, and looks great in any kitchen decor. And, there is no problem of leakage which is a major sign of relief for most people. The high arc faucet has an outstanding traditional design. What’s interesting in this faucet?

You can switch between stream and spray because there is a button for the same. Change the water mode as per your requirement.


  • Color – Arctic Stainless
  • Hole – 1 or 3-hole installation
  • Lifetime warranty (limited)
  • Touch-clean spray hole
  • Diamond seal technology


  • It has DIAMOND seal technology, which helps in preventing leakage
  • The product is easy to install
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • The touch-clean spray hole helps in cleaning out all the build-up
  • The product looks classy in the kitchen


  • Force is required to pull out the sprayer

Final Verdict

There is no shade of doubt that this is an advanced option and is a real seller! It comes with a lifetime warranty (limited) and looks superb in the kitchen. However, some buyers and existing users talked about the amount of force required to pull out the sprayer.

This could be problematic for some people. Other than that, there is no serious drawback in this model.

04 KOHLER K-10433-Vs Forte

KOHLER K-10433-Vs Forte

Say hello to one of the best pull out kitchen faucets from KOHLER, which is a trusted brand. Millions of users invest in their products because they are known for their extraordinary durability and high quality. Although this faucet comes with a high price tag, it’s worth every penny spent on it.

If we forget the price for a while, this product is one of the finest types of kitchen faucets you can get in the market!

Its selling points are 2-function water/spray head, easy installation, and durability. This product comes with a lifetime limited warranty which covers most of the damages.

You can install it in one or three holes. The good news is that the deck plate is included. The two-function spray/water mode has stream and spray. You can use either of the modes as per your requirement. The ceramic disc valves are built to last!

If you are going to invest in KOHLER K-10433-VS, you must know that it is super easy to install. The versatile spray head can be used for multiple purposes. The durable construction of this faucet helps in resisting scratches and corrosion.


  • Brand – Kohler
  • Color – Stainless (Vibrant)
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Spray head – 2 function
  • Installation – 1 or 3 hole


  • Spray head and hose are pre-installed
  • The product is durable
  • It belongs to a trusted brand
  • It has a 2-function spray head for stream and spray
  • It comes with a deck plate.


  • It is expensive
  • The spray head could come out/pop out easily

Final Verdict

Kohler is one of the most reliable brands in the industry! It is known for creating durable products. The question is – Should you invest in this choice? Of course, it is expensive but you are getting a durable facuet with a deck plate. It looks superb in the kitchen and has a two-function spray head. Additionally, KOHLER K-10433-VS has a hose and spray head that is pre-installed. If you can afford it, you must go for it.

05 Moen 7294SRS Arbor

Moen 7294SRS Arbor

The Moen 7294SRS Arbor is a popular choice. Since I own one, I can tell you that it is very durable and looks fantastic in my kitchen. It is versatile and can match all types of kitchen cabinets as well as bathrooms. The single hole faucets like this can also be installed more easily than most of the other kitchen and bathroom faucet types.

Firstly, I personally love that it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The customer care representatives are helpful.

The is an elegant choice with a flared design. It’s not entirely a gooseneck design, it’s semi-gooseneck in shape. Its most striking feature is that it is spot-resistant. Since we touch the faucet too many times, it is possible that our fingerprints may stay on it.

This does not happen in these faucets! Additionally, it has a power boost technology, which helps in the fast flow of water.

You can fill up jars at a quick pace without needing to wait for a long time. Moen 7294SRS is a little expensive and I get confused with the hot/cold handle, but it is worth the price you pay for it. Like the 67315C Integra model, it is ADA compliant. For me, this is one of the most exclusive choices!


  • ADA compliant
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Hose – 59 inches
  • Color – Stainless Spot resist
  • Retractable


  • It is spot-resistant and built-to-last
  • The power boost technology provides a fast flow
  • It has an elegant, stylish and flared design
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty


  • The hot/cold/warm handles are misleading

Final Verdict

There are too many selling points of the Moen 7294SRS. If you want a stylish and elegant faucet with a traditional touch like Brecklyn 87557SRS, 87557W, Walden 87045MSRS, or Banbury 87017, this is a perfect choice. Let’s not forget that it is a durable choice.

I have used three faucets, and this has to be one of my favorite. Yes, it burns a hole in your pocket but you can consider it as a one-time investment because this will last for years.

06 Premier 120161LF Sonoma

Premier 120161LF Sonoma

The Premier 120161LF Sonoma has an all-brass construction. It looks great in the kitchen and the brushed nickel helps in preventing corrosion and scratches. This is an important feature because it makes the product durable.

The stream is powerful and helps you to fill out glasses and big jars quickly. At the rate of 2.2 GPM, you are getting a powerful stream and you are not even wasting a lot of water. The product is ADA compliant and comes at a mid-range price.

It is one the best single lever models you will find! In case you notice that the flow is low, you can call a professional plumber to fix it for you. It is easy to install and you may not require professional help at all. Only if you are facing glitches like low flow, you could reach out to a plumber.

Some drawbacks of Premier 120161LF are that the handle starts loosening after a few years. Overall, it is a decent product and you are getting many features from a mid-range priced faucet.


  • Color – Brushed nickel
  • Construction – All-brass
  • ADA compliant
  • Leak-free operation
  • Single-handle
  • 2 GPM stream


  • The product offers a powerful stream of 2.2 gpm
  • It has an all-brass construction which is strong
  • It operates without any leakages
  • The brushed nickel helps in resisting corrosion and scratches
  • It comes at a mid-range price


  • The top portion seems to be connected loosely
  • The handle starts loosening up after a while

Final Verdict

The idea is to buy a durable industrial grade product that lasts for years! Premier 120161LF Sonoma has some excellent features, but the handle starts loosening after some time. It is an observation of most of the buyers which can be handled by the manufacturer.

I would still recommend this product because it is a mid-range product that has a powerful stream. This model is easy to install, clean and maintain as it does not rust or scratch easily. This is overall an excellent choice that deserves your attention.

07 Peppermint PMUT16W Designer

Peppermint PMUT16W Designer

Peppermint PMUT16W Designer is an amazing choice with a pull-out sprayer. Why do we say that? First of all, it comes with a 10-year warranty. When a manufacturer believes in their product, they add the extra years and provide excellent customer support.

The nano-brushed finish technology is plausible as it helps in protecting fingerprint marks. You will get a sparkling clean kitchen in a few minutes because this is easy to clean!

The spout can swivel to a full 360-degree. You can either install it yourself or call a plumber. The former one is preferred because it comes with clear instructions. This device is a space saver because it has a unique giraffe-neck design.

Install Peppermint PMUT16W in your kitchen and make it look super chic because this is elegant and stylish. We love how it is so easy to install, return, get a refund and fix the product. No matter what your requirement is – this product has a dual function and can help you wash larger and smaller dishes easily.

The pull-out spray helps in washing the utensils conveniently. Overall, we love how it performs in the kitchen and the ease of installing makes it perfect.


  • Brand – Peppermint
  • 360-degree swivel spout
  • Nano-brushed technology
  • Pull-out spray
  • 10-year warranty


  • It has a 360-degree full swivel spout
  • It has a pull-out spray that helps in washing hard to reach areas
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty
  • It looks chic in the kitchen
  • Nano-brushed technology makes cleaning easier


  • Some buyers found it difficult to install

Final Verdict

There were very few users, who complained about the installation process. If you follow the instructions, you will be able to nail it. The other possibility is that you can hire a plumber to fix it. Peppermint PMUT16W comes with a 10-year warranty and has a 360-degree swivel spout. This is a real catch and comes at a decent price range too.

Overall, it has received a lot of appreciation and we personally tested it and loved the nano-brushed technology and the pull-out spray. We give this choice full points for its efficiency and space-saving feature.

08 Delta Faucet 4353-DST Linden

Delta Faucet 4353-DST Linden

Our shortlist cannot be completed without this single-handle kitchen sink faucet from Delta Faucet. The design is interesting and elevates the overall look of your kitchen. Apart from that, its spout can swivel to at least 120 degrees.

The DIAMOND seal technology is efficient and helps in preventing leakage. Leakage is not an ideal situation because it could cause a flood in the kitchen. Always buy a product that has a seal technology. It comes with a faucet and finish warranty which helps you to get immediate help from the representatives. You can install this easily just following the instructions.

Also, you would be happy to see that the 4353-DST Linden is not so expensive. In fact, it is relatively cheaper than most of the options on this list. You can install it in a 1 or 3 hole and it also comes with an optional deck plate. Of course, there are some loopholes in the model.

The hose quality is not so great and the temperature adjustment could be a problem. Overall, the it does get a thumbs up from us because it is affordable and easy to install.


  • Installation – 1 or 3 hole
  • Spout swivel – 120 degrees
  • Brand – Delta
  • Type – Pull Out Faucet
  • Diamond seal technology


  • It is easy to install
  • It is a single-handle kitchen sink faucet
  • The design is interesting and stylish
  • It has diamond seal technology, which helps in preventing leakage
  • It has 1 or three hole installation


  • The temperature adjustment is sometimes misleading

Final Verdict

The only issue users have with this product is the hose. The quality of the hose can be improved. Even the temperature adjustment mechanism can be misleading. Other than that, this is easy to install which is a selling point. You get a lot of room to do sink activities which makes this a space-saving faucet just like Delta’s RP44647 and 470-PROMO-DS.

09 KINGO HOME Antique Pull Out Sprayer Bar Kitchen Faucet

KINGO HOME Antique Pull Out Sprayer Bar Kitchen Faucet

KINGO HOME pull out sprayer bar kitchen faucet is a pull-out faucet that comes with a decorative plate. The brushed nickel helps in preventing corrosion! This is an important feature that you cannot miss. Corrosion and scratches could reduce the life span of your product.

The highlight of this product is that it is very easy to install! The manufacturer has included all the mounting hardware to make it easy for a beginner to install the product in their kitchen. The hot and cold water hose is included with the product. There are two modes of water in this – stream and spray. You can use either of them as per your personal preference.

The icing on the cake is that this product comes with a money-back guarantee and a 90-day return policy. As for the looks, it is modern and gives a contemporary look to your kitchen. The only drawback of this product is that it comes with cheap screws for fixing the hose. This could lead to leakage.

You can either take help from a plumber to resolve the issue or the manufacturer can change the quality of the screws.

It is also convenient to replace your faucet with a new one. If this issue is resolved, then the product has the ability to be jacked up to the top of this list! The brushed nickel pull out faucet is worth purchasing!


  • Color – Brushed Nickel
  • Construction – Solid Brass
  • Decorative Plate included
  • Valves – Ceramic Disc
  • The cold and hot hose is included (flexible)


  • It has a solid brass construction
  • It comes in brushed nickel that helps in preventing corrosion
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee and also a 90-day return policy
  • It comes in a single-lever design


  • The plastic screws which lead to the hose can cause issues.
  • Due to the plastic screws, leakage is possible.

Final Verdict

This is a budget-friendly product, but some reviewers talked about the poor quality of the screws to the hose and the leakage problem. If this issue is addressed then you will get a product that works smoothly and provides great value for money.

The bright side is that it comes with a decorative plate and the faucet looks expensive. The product is on the list for a reason because it does a great job! Will we recommend it? Absolutely!

10 VCCUCINE Commercial QYT007L

VCCUCINE Commercial QYT007L

The VCCUCINE QYT007L  comes in a brushed nickel color. It has a solid brass construction. Apart from the good looks, the product is functional and does a stellar job. Your sink starts looking off-beat and beautiful once you install this product.

If you wish to save space, this faucet fits the bill because you can do all your sink activities without the faucet getting in the way. It has a pull-out sprayer for cleaning larger dishes and even reaching the hard places.

If you are worried about rust removal from your sink and faucet, pick this model without any hesitation. Its brass construction ensures that your faucet does not get rusted or scratched easily. There is no doubt that this product is selling like hot pancakes, but there are some loopholes which you should be aware of. The decoration plate is not included and you may need to adjust the water flow.

Want a stylish pull out a faucet? It has a stream flow, which easily fills bowls and glasses. The touch-clean nozzle prevents it from any kind of build-up. We all know that build-ups could reduce the flow and cause hindrance in smooth functioning. You will not face this issue with this kitchen faucet.


  • Color – Brushed Nickel
  • Construction – Solid Brass
  • Sprayer – Pull-out sprayer
  • Type – Pull out faucet
  • Water hoses – 3/8 inches H&C


  • Mounting hardware is included with the product
  • It comes with a sprayer (dual function)
  • This is a space-saving solution for your sink
  • It has a brass construction that resists corrosion and scratches
  • It has a stylish design


  • Decoration plate is not included
  • Water flow needs to be adjusted properly because the water could flow frenziedly.

Final Verdict

Although we have placed this product on #10 it is praiseworthy and is even worth each penny that you pay. Why should you invest in the VCCUCINE QYT007L? The high arch spout, mounting hardware, great looks, and brass construction are some features that are plausible.

Of course, you would need to buy a decoration plate as it is not included. Overall, this is well worth the purchase considering its features and functions.

Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet – A Buying Guide

Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet – A Buying Guide

1. Design & Durability

When you are buying a faucet for your kitchen, you want it to be durable and have a stunning design. The design of the faucet can transform the overall look of your kitchen.

Popular colors for this fixture are chrome, stainless steel, brass, black, venetian bronze, white, and metal. As for durability, the buyer would want a product that comes with a warranty and is durable enough to last for years.

Apart from that, high and low water pressure systems are used for these fixture for optimum water flow regulations. In cases of high water pressure, a specified motor is used, that ensures nearly 1bar pressure.

On the other hand, low pressure systems are gravity fed and do not usually go beyond 0.2 bar pressure. After all, you are putting your hard-earned money to buy the product and would expect it to last for x number of years.

The durability depends on the build-materials. People choose copper, brass, stainless steel and high-quality plastic models for an extended life span.

2. Finish & Style

The finishing of the product should match your kitchen cabinet. You could go for bronze, stainless steel or chrome. But you would need to match it with your kitchen sink and the cabinets around. Before you buy a product, consider matching it with your cabinet hardware too.

Everyone has a personal style and would like a certain finishing and that’s precisely why you need to see the style before purchasing the product.

3. Mounting Hole

Different kitchen faucets come in a variety of setups. Installing the faucet may require you to make one to four holes. It will be cheaper to go for a faucet that uses the same number of mounting holes as your previous one. Cheaper models have single hole.

4. Decorative Plate

When you are buying a kitchen faucet, you will come across a term called ‘escutcheon’ or decorative plate. This is helpful in covering the holes that look unpleasant to the human eyes. You can cover them up with these decorative plates. You can check whether the product comes with a decorative plate or not.

5. Handle Option

The pull-out kitchen faucets are single handled ones and the pull-down faucets come with double handle (2 handles). The mixer tap models have a separate knob for choosing between hot and cold water. Depending on the water mixing options a faucet can be 1-way, 2-way or 3-way.

6. Ease of Cleaning

Nobody would want to invest in a product that is difficult to clean. Before investing in a product, do your research whether it will be easy to clean or not. Most of the products get damaged due to harsh cleaning agents. The product should be easy to maintain and clean. This is one of the important factors for most buyers.

7. Ease of Installation

If you do not have a good plumber in your area, you would need to install the product all by yourself. The question is – Is the product easy to install? Does it come with instructions for installation? If the answer is a YES to both the queries then you have a winner! The product should be easy to install and should come with an installation guide book.

Once the installation is straight-forward and easy, you do not have to think about the additional costs of hiring a plumber. If there is a pull-out kitchen faucet hose leak, you can follow the instructions to fix it and we have even mentioned some tips at the end to help you out in this matter!

8. Side Spray

The side spray sits right next to the faucet. These are helpful because you can just pull them out and wash the hard-to-reach areas and larger dishes.

9. Budget

Based on quality, finish, and features, their price range is from $50 to $300. Of course, your budget will determine which one you would opt for.

How are Pull Out Faucets Different from the Pull Down Type?

When we do not do thorough research, it becomes difficult to understand the technicalities of a product. You may not know what a pull-out faucet actually means! There is a difference between pull-out and pull-down faucets. Whether you are buying it online or from a store, you would need to know the difference between the two.

Let us understand the difference before we can proceed. I have mentioned the pros and cons of both so that you are able to choose the right type for your kitchen!

  • Pull Down Faucet – This is a motionless faucet which takes up space but comes in beautiful designs. It has a taller spout and the head pulls down into the kitchen sink.
  • Pull Out Faucet – Pull out faucets have a clever and unique design. They work fine with smaller sinks. If you wish to save space in the kitchen, then this type will be ideal. This type has a single lever system. Also, this type is a lot less expensive as compared to its pull-down counterpart. The hose is long and can be turned to different directions.

Tips on Installing Pull Out Faucets

Let us quickly skim through the tips on installing a pull-out faucet. These tips are easy-to-follow and are a reminder for you that kitchen faucet installation is not as complicated.

Our first suggestion for you would be to hire a professional. If that is not possible, then there is always a way to install such a kitchen fixture all by yourself. Fortunately, my father taught me a lot about plumbing and fixing kitchen and bathroom sink faucets.

Here are tips that would help you a lot:

  • Firstly, go to the utility/water connection room and turn off the hot and cold water lines. Turn off the water lines that direct to the kitchen sink.
  • In case there is a garbage disposer or pipe which is attached to the sink then remove it. This gives you more space to fix the faucet and work. The next step is to disconnect the drain line.

Do note that these two steps are very important before you do the installation.

You would need the following tools for fixing/installing the faucet – screwdriver, flashlight, bath towels, bath wrenches, safety glasses

  • After you have disconnected the water supply line, you need to remove the connection to the faucet. Remove any excess water and use the bath towels to do so.
  • Remove the old sink tap and install the new one. The instructions are given by the manufacturers.
  • Now make the new water supply connections and then connect the spray hose.
  • Finally, test the product that you have installed. You need to see whether there are any leaks or not. Do ensure that there is no leakage because that can create a mess in the kitchen.
  • If you are getting less water, then it is possible that there is a clogged cartridge. Turn off the water supply and then clean the cartridge.

In order to take care of your pull-out faucet, never use cleaning agents that are harsh and have acids, soaps or harsh cleaners.

Final Words

We hope that this review helped you to make a decision. It is possible that you might get confused as to which model would suit your kitchen the most. That’s precisely why you need to skim through all the reviews before making a decision.

The options in our list are of a mixed range. You will get faucets in your budget and even the style you are looking for! Pfister is a famous brand in the industry and G13310SS lives up to their name. The icing on the cake is that it helps you conserve water! This is a much-needed in today’s world.

You may also consider other popular pfister faucet models. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget then Comllen Commercial will be a good option for you.

If you want a faucet that functions well and comes with a decorative plate, then consider purchasing the KINGO Home pull out faucet. The Peppermint faucet is a popular choice, and comes with many credible features that buyers look for! It has 360 swivel spout, NANO touch technology and it comes with a 10-year warranty.

There are many options in this list and we have picked those that ensure high-performance, elegance, and durability. You can choose according to your budget and need. However, our suggestion to you would be to read the facts again for an informed buying decision.


1. Do pull out faucets swivel?
Ans: Pull out faucets can swivel up to 360 degrees. They usually sport high-arc design, so users often don’t need the swiveling option.

2. How does a pull out faucet work?
Ans: The mechanism is simple. The pull out sprayer part comes off from the head of the faucet and extends below. You can then use it free from the main fixed faucet body. The mixing of cold and hot water remains the same. The spring system allows you to return the sprayer back to the head.

3. What does low arc faucet mean?
Ans: A low arc faucet refers to a model that is closely fitted to the sink top (usually 8″ from the sink-top)

4. How do I know if my faucet cartridge is bad?
Ans: You’ll need to pay attention once you see water dripping from your faucet’s spout or if you find it hard to adjust the water temperature. If the water temperature isn’t hot enough that’s a sign too.

5. How do I know what size kitchen faucet to buy?

Ans. Determine the countertop behind your sink. Next, find the width of pre-drilled holes and the span between their centers. Knowing the hole diameter lets you figure out which faucet size is fit for your sink. Check the distance between the sink edge and the wall.

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