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The Best Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucets to Buy Now According to Over 3,100 Customers

When it comes to water connectors outside the house, the common issue people face is the freezing water line. To counter these problems, many use anti-freeze faucets which are functional even in extremely low temperatures. Let’s check out some of the finest products you can find in the market.

Our Reviewed Best Freeze Proof Outdoor Faucets

01 Aquor Frost Free Wall Hydrant V1+ Outdoor Faucet

Aquor Frost Free Wall Hydrant V1+ Outdoor Faucet

Why Aquor V1 Hydrant Is Better Than Other Items?

Orthodox spigots in the outdoor setting are prone to malfunction in cold climates; therefore, you need something like the Aquor Frost Free Faucet. This unit can provide water even in subzero temperatures( up to –30° F)without any hassle.

If you want a faucet that lasts long, this unit will help. Its marine-grade steel components are way better than brass and will serve you for years to come. We were looking for a watering system that meets the US plumbing code and this is one of them.

Having used it ourselves, we are extremely surprised at how easy it is to use and needs no threading. Even when we kept it unplugged, it didn’t freeze, thanks to its self-draining and fully insulated hydrant.

What We Experienced

We have been using Aquor for a long time and have been pleased with what it offers. Not only is it durable, but it also makes water transfer easy, even in the harshest of climates. Some other findings that we found are given below.

Easy Installation

Our search for a wall-mounted faucet made it easier to find this particular unit. The inlet and the hydrant body can simply be inserted on the wall section with the main outlet sticking out, which helps to connect the garden hose in a flash.

No Water Wasting

When we kept the faucet unattached, it didn’t leak or drip at all. The leak-resisting valve and the sturdy Viton O Rings on the hose connector offer a flawless connection and interrupted water flow.

Protection from Low Temperature

Since we are talking about anti-freeze faucets for outdoor settings, we should mention how impactful the Aquor V1 is. It is crafted with marine-grade stainless steel and works better than brass installations.

What it does is it protects the water line from freezing out no matter what and gives you a constant flow even at –30 degrees Fahrenheit.


Another thing that we liked is the extreme durability this faucet has to offer. The polymer and stainless steel combination is a hard nut to crack, so you’ll be able to enjoy the service for many years ahead without worrying. The credit goes to its high-performance insulation and self-draining system, which adds to its longevity.

What We Recommend

The moment you put the connector in position by pushing it against the main outlet, it will turn on automatically, which can be a problem for some users. This is where you can modify it by adding a shut-off valve system or angled attachment.


  • Made by Aquor
  • It is a wall mount faucet
  • Crafted with stainless steel
  • Operates in temperatures within –33 to 140 ° F
  • Comes with a lever type handle

Why Purchase Aquor Wall Hydrant

  • Works even in subzero temperature
  • Easy installation on any siding
  • No threading, just plug-and-play water access
  • Valve ends and connectors never leak
  • Abides by the US plumbing code

Why Not Purchase Aquor Wall Hydrant

  • Does not work for vertical fittings
  • Not ideal for un-insulated buildings

02 Aquor Wall Hydrant Garden Faucet V2+

Aquor Wall Hydrant Garden Faucet V2+

Why Aquor V2 Hydrant Is Better?

After scouring the market with numerous garden faucets, we ended up with a superior one, the V2+ hydrant from Aquor. Unlike other faucets, we were surprised with the V2’s wall mounting ability and easy access to water.

We have tried brass spigots, and they tend to go bad during severe temperature drops, but the Aquor product is an exception. It is made with solid stainless steel that helps to protect the water even during low temperatures. We enjoyed its constant water flow right outside the house, even at subzero temperatures.

This is a thoroughly tested faucet that meets the requirements of the US plumbing code, so we can assure you about the user-friendliness and functionality altogether. For those who are seeking a hard-wearing faucet that can be relied upon during winter, this is it.

What to Expect?

If you’ve previously used the Aquor product, then probably know its top-of-the-line serviceability. Aquor V2+ has been a workhorse for us for a long time and we only have good things to talk about. Let’s discuss some benefits that you might get from this garden faucet.

Say No to Water Wasting From Now on

Our experts are fond of its stainless steel valve and the polymer-build hose connector. We were able to attach the valve and the connector in a flash, and it was so secure that there were no water spills or leaks. So, if your old spigot is leaking, try out the Aquor faucet to save water.

Easy Assembly

Our main concern was low temperature and disruption of water flow, thus we got this item installed in our backyard. We have to say that the stainless steel construction and its high-quality insulation keeps the pipeline free from blockage and freezing out in subzero temperatures up to –33 ° F.

AntiFreeze Properties

Our main concern was low temperature and disruption of water flow, thus we got this item installed in our backyard. We have to say that the stainless steel construction and its high-quality insulation keeps the pipeline free from blockage and freezing out in subzero temperatures up to –33 degree Fahrenheit.

Auto Draining Function

We have tested many faucets throughout the years, and most of them tend to run water back to their compartment. With this self-draining product, you don’t have to worry about water drainage anymore.

Also, the vacuum breaker is there to stop the water from flowing back and allow it to leave through a lower drain section.

Top Notch Build Quality

These faucet components are made with marine grade stainless steel, thus it will be able to take hits and still last for ages. The connector has a polymer build that can tackle around 200 lbs without breaking.


  • Made by Aquor
  • It is a wall mount faucet
  • Made using Acetal resin polymer and stainless steel
  • Operating temperature of -33 to 140 ° F
  • Supports 25 to 125 PSI water pressure

Why Purchase Aquor Wall Hydrant

  • Serviceable at subzero temperatures
  • Convenient wall mounting design
  • Build with high-quality steel and polymer
  • Easy to set up
  • Resists unnecessary leaking
  • Drains automatically when disconnected

Why Not Purchase Aquor Wall Hydrant

  • Nothing negative to talk about, it’s a good upgrade

03 Midline Valve Sillcock Pipe 84343

Midline Valve Sillcock Pipe 84343

Why We Prefer Midline Valve 83443?

Previously you have seen stainless steel body faucets, now let’s talk about a brass faucet that is among the superior ones. One reason why we have picked this item over others in the market is that it has a top-notch anti-freeze function, meaning it won’t stop the water flow even in a low-temperature environment.

We have to say that this product is very versatile. It can be used as a single faucet attached to the sides of your house, or you can affix hoses to ease the garden work.

Another aspect that makes it a winner is that it has adjustable pressure settings. You can use the handle wheel to tweak the outcome as you wish.

Positives We Enjoyed

If you’ve gone through the first two reviews and decide to say no to brass products, then we are here to change your mind. Our experts have used this faucet and were pleased with the outcome. Let’s check out what it has to offer.

Freeze Proof Design

Having spigots attached to your house is super useful, but they are prone to get obstructed due to temperature drops. When we tried out this Midline Valve product, we never experienced any obstruction, even if it was exposed to temperatures below the freezing point.

No Hassle Fitting

We were able to get the 12-inch sillock inside the side wall pretty easily. The MIP connector goes inside the wall and connects the inlet, whereas the male hose connector brings out the flowing water.

Versatile Valve and Handle

You can either use the valve as a faucet itself or connect a gardening hose for watering the landscape. We appreciate the handle design in this one. It is functional both ways, meaning you can turn both sides to turn on/off the water flow.

Has Vacuum Breaker

This faucet has a vacuum breaker installed to tackle siphoning. The breaker simply resists water flowing backward.

Backed by Industry Professionals

Would you like to buy a faucet without assurance? It’s a no, right? Don’t worry, this Midline Valve sillock is given ground by NSF and UPC, so you can rely on this product.


  • Made by Midline Valve
  • Made using brass material
  • It has a chrome plated finish
  • Comes with 1 knob-style handle
  • Has a working pressure of 150 WOG

Why Purchase Midline Valve 83443

  • Easy to install, wall insert design
  • Build with high-quality brass
  • Works even at freezing temperatures
  • Comes at a cheaper rate
  • Works as a single faucet or with a connected hose

Why Not Purchase Midline Valve 83443

  • Tendency to leak after extensive uses
  • Too long for a sillcock

04 SharkBite 45° Hose Bib

SharkBite 45° Hose Bib

What Makes SHarkBite Hose Bib Stand Out

SharkBite Hose Bibs are manufactured in the USA and are tested in their facilities to ensure the best outcome. After looking for good quality exterior faucets, we have come across this wonderful creation and have been a fan of this item.

It is tailor-made to run as a single faucet or can be utilized with a garden hose for landscaping needs. Sharkbite faucets are super easy to install, which makes them a game changer. It has a threaded valve that makes it even easier for the hoses to latch on properly.

To those who are looking for a replacement for their old and worn-out exterior faucets, they can opt for the Sharkbite. It is designed in a way that can make it fit even in tighter space.

What We Discovered

Just like any faucet, there are always some positives and negatives regarding it. Similarly, SharkBite 45° bib faucets come with a lot of advantages and very few negative sides. After testing the product, this is what we experienced.

Convenient Setup

You are probably wondering how easy it is to put up, let us tell you that the Sharkbite faucet is the easiest to set up. Unlike other complicated faucets, we were able to install this with a simple push and twist function. It doesn’t need any kind of tools, gluing, or soldering.

Made with Quality Materials

This faucet is made using Copper, Brass, Cpvc, Pex, and such. All the components are precisely assembled to provide a sturdy faucet. It comes with an elbow-style connector to accommodate different hose types.

Shut Off Valves and Both Way Handle

It’s not common to end up with a faucet that cannot be controlled, in terms of output flow. With SharkBite, it’s different, this faucet has multi-turn shut-off valves that can be adjusted to control the rate of flow.

Frost Free Application

We have been using the SharkBite hose bib for years and haven’t faced any issues during winter. The construction is such that it won’t affect the water flow even in low temperatures outside the housing.

What We Recommend

If you are looking for a wall mount fitting that can be covered up, just like Aquor V1+ or V2+, then the SharkBite hose bib is not for you. It has an extension that will always hang out from the wall. If you need a faucet with a covering lid, then check out the number 1 and 2 in our review list.


  • Manufactured by SharkBite
  • Made using copper, brass, Cpvc
  • Comes with elbow type connector
  • Has a multi-turn handle
  • Has a dimension of 3.39 x 2.44 x 3.66 inches

Why Purchase Midline Valve 83443

  • Fast installation, requires no additional tools
  • Made with top-notch materials like brass, copper, etc
  • Functions at varying temperatures, even in cold
  • Can be paired with hoses and other fittings
  • Good value for the money

Why Not Purchase Midline Valve 83443

  • Small interior inlets promote low water concentration

05 Midline Valve 84283P Outdoor Faucet

Midline Valve 84283P Outdoor Faucet

Why Midline Valve 84283P Is Better?

First of all, we have to tell you that Midline Valve is a prominent and reliable name in the plumbing industry. Their faucets and valves are of stellar quality that can be used in different weather conditions.

What we can assure you is that their usability sets them apart from the competition. They come with a multi-turn handle wheel, which helps you to control the water flow. We like the addition of a vacuum breaker, which allows seamless flow and doesn’t let any water remain to track back towards the inlet.

Beneficial Aspects of Midline Valve 84283P

Luckily we got to test Midline Valve faucets, and this particular model seems to be a game changer due to its up-to-date features. These are the positive aspects that we found out from our home installation.

Solid Build Quality

Made with the highest quality brass material, this is surely one of the strongest sillcock valves we have tested. It is extremely hard wearing and can tackle harsh weather changes.

Easy Fitting

If you are worried about the installation of this faucet, then don’t be. We can assure you that the setup takes very little time. All you need to do is insert the sillcock pipe on the wall and connect it to the interior inlet.

Works in Freezing Temperature

The good thing about this Midline Valve product is that it is made to last long regardless of the temperature outside. No matter if it’s scorching hot or super chilly, the pipelines won’t freeze.

Prevents Water Waste and Backflow

We got blown away by the midline valve faucet’s build quality and how they are assembled in one tight fitting. We haven’t faced any kind of leaks so far after the installation.

For those who are worried about back-flowing faucets, this particular faucet has an anti-siphon vacuum breaking option that obstructs the water from flowing back.

What Can Be Better

We don’t have many complaints about this product, but we believe the build quality could be a little more advanced by using stainless steel. That being said, this brass fitting won’t come off. So don’t worry. We believe the outlook is just a little flimsy, and it’s just a personal opinion.


  • Made by Midline Valve
  • Offers a chrome plated finish
  • Crafted using brass
  • Comes with a knob handle
  • Has a dimension of 6” x 0.5” x 2”

Why Purchase Midline Valve 83443

  • Made with top-quality brass
  • Works in different weather conditions
  • Good value for the money
  • Has independent outing as well as hose accommodation

Why Not Purchase Midline Valve 83443

  • Excessive pressure can bend the brass tube

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