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12 Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks, According to 7,800+ Customer Reviews

Sometimes it’s challenging to choose between an undermount and a top-mount double-bowl kitchen sink.

Regardless of what you are considering, the space between your kitchen cabinet should influence your decision.

Double bowl sinks are designed for washing dishes, vegetables, fruits, and slicing food items when they come with cutting boards.

These purposes should be met before you think of aligning the double bowl sink’s design with your kitchen’s countertop.

These kitchen sinks make bold statements in the interior decorations of homes. Shopping for kitchen sinks for your cooking space is not about glamour only.

Instead, the functionality and design enhancements that kitchen sinks bring can make your home very welcoming.

Generally, architects and interior decor hold similar views about the kitchen.

Apart from the living room, homeowners tend to hold discussions with close friends and family members in kitchens.

When I started living alone, every apartment had dining accessories in the kitchen. It was easy for me to prepare meals and have them in the same cooking space.

This time-saving practice also ensured that I cleared the mess from my kitchen sinks after eating.

As a homeowner, having a functional kitchen starts with one of the best double-bowl kitchens sinks out there.

The scratch-resistant, Kohler model with curved lines is my personal choice. It often amazes me to see this model adding elegance to my kitchen.

However, you might want to read this buying guide to see what will enhance the interior design of your cooking space.

Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks Reviews

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Under $200

1 Elkay DSE233194 Stainless Steel Sink

Elkay DSE233194 Stainless Steel Sink

Why it stands out to us

This is a super lightweight sink, weighing just 13 lbs.

If you are looking for a lighter kitchen sink, this can be a great place to start looking.

The kitchen sink also features extreme durability, a satisfactory drainage system, and a seamless, elegant outlook.

The Elkay DSE233194 stainless steel kitchen sink also provides an ultra-slim low divider to provide more working space.

This will allow for the soaking of the dishes and pans when necessary.

However, despite being super easy to clean, it is a high-maintenance sink. It can scratch easily if you’re not careful.

The most attractive feature of this kitchen sink is the dent-resistant 20-gauge stainless steel, insulated with extra-thick pads.

As a result, the sink will absorb most noise and vibrations.

Our experience with the Elkay DSE233194 Stainless Steel Sink

  • Modern and stylish outlook
  • Enough space to work on
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Durable, rust-proof construction
  • Provides a deep basin

What we didn’t like

  • A bit heavier
  • Requires high maintenance
  • Scratches easily

What could be improved

  • The drain quality can be improved
  • The packaging quality should improve


  • Durable material and design
  • Spacious and deep basin
  • Good value for money
  • Comes with convenient accessories
  • Provides noise and vibration cancellation
  • Super easy to clean


  • Mounting disposal can be tricky
  • The sink is heavy
  • It’s a high-maintain sink

2 Ruvati RVM4350 32-Inch 50/50 Low-Divide 16-Gauge

Ruvati RVM4350 32-Inch 50/50 Low-Divide 16-Gauge

A low-divide design often distinguishes modern sinks from the traditional types, and this Ruvati RVM4350 is an example.

The low divide is a wall with a clearance that makes dishwashing fast.

It’s a 16-Gauge product that has been tested to withstand corrosion and retain its non-fade color. Let’s discuss other basic features that RVM4350 has to offer.

Low Maintenance: To reduce the maintenance cost, get any model that is coated with a premium satin finish.  The Ruvati RVM4350 has low maintenance.

It passed our abrasion, and corrosion resistance tests satisfactorily.

You can maintain the integrity of its materials by cleaning the bowls and unclogged its drains after use.

Sound-deadening Properties: Kitchen sinks are known for the pinging sounds they make when metallic utensils hit them.

However, there was no high-pitch sound when we dropped metals like knives and spoons into these bowls.

Instead, we confirmed the inclusion of undercoating and pads (soundproof technology) in the design of this choice.

Low-Divide Walls: While washing your large pots and pans with one of its bowls, the low-divide wall makes it easy to transfer them to the other bowl.

We tested this feature by placing utensils on top of the divider, and they dropped into the other bowl with ease.

It’s this unique height differential (low-divide wall) that provides more clearance for easy dishwashing tasks.

Undermount Installation: Undermount sinks usually are more difficult to install than their overmount counterparts.

But to make the process easy, you’ll receive a cut-out template and an instruction manual with this Ruvati RVM4350.

Also, there are mounting brackets and simple plumbing tools that can help you install them.

You don’t have to worry when the undermount installation goes well because your sink will align with the kitchen’s countertop beautifully.


  • Sink Depth: 8.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 30 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Ruvati


  • This 16 Gauge model has a non-fade surface that’s resistant to rust
  • It has high functionality of a low-divide partition between the two bowls
  • It has soundproof properties and it comes with a complete set of undermount installation accessories.


  • This is not a deeper-bowl model. Its 8.5-inch depth doesn’t prevent splashes of water when there’s a high-water pressure from your faucet.

Our Verdict

After going through the rigorous tests of both the ANSI and CSA plumbing standards, our Ruvati RVM4350 brings its high functionality to your kitchen.

Its 8.5-inch deep bowls might be smaller than regular 10-inch deeper bowls, but they have extra clearance (low-divide design) that makes them unique.

I’ll recommend this model to buyers that need a set of sinks with complete accessories.

3 Kraus KTM32 Premier Kitchen Sink

Kraus KTM32 Premier Kitchen Sink

Why it stands out to us

Another great sink from the famous brand Kraus, the KTM32 premier kitchen sink won the heart of many users.

With features like durable design, superior noise cancellation, elegant outlook, and ease of use, this sink kinda dominated the market.

The sink has been designed for commercial places, but they fit in almost anywhere.

The rugged construction and wear-resistant finish can handle even the toughest of jobs regularly.

The Kraus KTM32 premier kitchen sink provides a 10” deep basin for the busiest days.

However, like other kitchen sinks from this manufacturer, the Kraus KTM32 premier kitchen sink also is a high-maintenance sink.

It can scratch easily, but if you take the time to maintain it regularly; this sink will last for decades.

Our experience with the Kraus KTM32 premier kitchen sink

  • An ultra-deep bowl provides a deep basin
  • The design is sturdy and the materials are waterproof
  • Provides superior noise/vibration canceling
  • Specially designed grooves provide better drainage
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Has a protective coating that prevents condensation build-up

What we didn’t like

  • The finish wasn’t so good at the bottom
  • The sink can be scratched easily, even by the water
  • The deeper bawl makes mounting tricky

What could be improved

  • The wear-proof capability needs improvement
  • The drainage system need upgrade


  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Elegant, industrial outlook
  • Good value for the money
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Sturdy material and wearproof design


  • Requires high-maintenance
  • Scratches easily
  • Isn’t good for a laminate countertop

Top Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Under $300

4 Ruvati RVM4300 32-inch Undermount 50/50

Ruvati RVM4300 32-inch Undermount 50/50

We would have loved this Ruvati RVM4300 more if it weighed less than it does.

However, it’s a solid, 16-Gauge stainless steel product that weighs 30 lbs.

With its well-curved bottom that enhances proper drainage and helps unclog the kitchen sink, it’s a special choice for modern kitchens.

Its streamlined construction improved the interior design of our kitchen.

Also, the aesthetic beauty of this Ruvati RVM4300 model will blend with any marble countertop.

Let’s share other interesting features that this Ruvati RVM4300 model has.

Luxurious Satin Finish: Satin polish is not difficult to notice, and we can see this luxurious finish on the interior surface of both bowls.

They are brushed with a premium satin finish that gives them a classic appeal.

So, you’ll not encounter any hassles when cleaning these bowls. Also, the satin finish ensures that our Ruvati RVM4300 model is durable.

Sound-dampeners: We dropped few metallic utensils on these bowls, and the clanging sound was very low.

This Ruvati RVM4300 has heavy-duty padding and undercoating that enhances its sound-dampening properties.

Undermount Installation: It took us less than thirty minutes to complete this installation process.

As a high-end kitchenware package, it comes with mounting brackets that’ll make your undermount installation easy.

One of the advantages of the undermount installation is the gap between the twin bowls that give your kitchen a utilitarian appeal.

However, it can also be flush mounted or drop-in because its outer edges are polished and flat, giving it a universal fit for all countertops.

High Functionality: We enjoyed the functionality that comes with Ruvati 10-inch deep bowls.

One of the features that were observed is the brushed rims.

When installing, these rims flushed well with kitchen cabinets, and we didn’t have to readjust to create extra room for them.

Also, as a 304 Grade stainless steel (Chromium/Nickel) craft, this model meets ANSI and CSA (U.S and Canada) plumbing standards.


  • Sink Depth: 10 inches
  • Product Weight: 30 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Ruvati


  • It comes with two sets of basket strainers and rinses grids respectively
  • It has high-impact sound-deadening undercoating and pads
  • It is designed with a luxurious satin finish


  • Sinks with very deep bowls don’t come with space-saving designs. Consequently, you might have to redo your cabinet to ensure adequate space for proper installation.

Our Verdict

We are pleased that Ruvati manufactures durable products with high functionality.

The RVM4300 has exterior dimensions of 32.25 by 18.5 inches.

It has a luxurious satin finish. It’s the right choice for buyers that need kitchenware with ANSI and CSA certifications.

5 Kraus KBU24 32 inch Undermount 60/40

Kraus KBU24 32 inch Undermount 60/40

Our experience with uneven basin kitchen sinks shows they add their timeless beauty to countertop designs.

We discovered that this Kraus KBU24 enhances any modern kitchen’s interior decoration if you can measure the sink perfectly before installing it.

It’s a 16-Gauge Stainless Steel choice with an uneven bowl design that transforms traditional kitchens into modern cooking places.

Apart from its sturdy construction, these are the features to expect when you receive the package.

Premium T-304 Grade:  Its T304 grade material gives it premium quality.

Our material test confirms that T304-grade materials have high resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

However, you might not find many kitchens sinks with such quality in local stores.

We discovered that its material is resilient to dents. When you choose this, we are confident that it will retain its integrity for many decades.

Superior Drainage: What makes its drain channel superior is its 1.5mm thickness and sloped bottoms.

Without tilting the bowls, we saw that it could discharge wastewater and food particles effectively.

With this special design, there will be no trace of residual inside both bowls.

Unique Design: Its classic styling and curved corners make it an excellent choice.

We love the ease of cleaning its curved edges and the optimized angles that keep glassware from sliding off its surface.

Sound-absorbing Quality: We tested the soundproofing technology that comes with KRAUS KBU24.

Apart from the low-noise levels that come from impact, it could absorb vibration with ease.


  • Sink Depth: 9 inches (left bowl), 7.13 inches (right bowl)
  • Product Weight: 18.5 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Kraus


  • It comes with extra-thick, sound-dampening pads that cover 80% of the sink’s bottom and help to minimize noise efficiently.
  • Each of the bowls enjoys protective Stone Guard coating to minimize the chances of condensation on kitchen cabinets.
  • The uneven (60/40 split) design of the bowls bring a unique appeal to your kitchen’s interior design


  • It’s abrasion resistance is low. You might find watermarks and discoloration spots in the basins when you use them.

Our Verdict

It’s easy to notice the impressive design of the Kraus KBU24.

With the functionality of both bowls, you can handle different dishwashing tasks and minimize the pinging sounds that come from impacts.

Also, this product is highly durable. It’s the ideal kitchenware for buyers that need double bowl sinks with sound insulators and Stone Guard undercoat layers.

6 MOWA HUD33DO Pro Series 33″ Kitchen Sink

MOWA HUD33DO Pro Series 33" Kitchen Sink

We all know MOWA is a reputable manufacturer of modern kitchenware.

However, we chose this Pro Series HUD33DO model because we enjoyed its functionality.

Our integrity test shows that it’s a handmade 16-Gauge (T304) material that ensures 25 percent more steel in each unit.

Also, this undermount choice comes with bottom grids and strainers, and stainless steel texture with a brushed satin finish.

Let’s unravel other features that make this MOWA Pro Series undermount Sink unique.

Edge-Cutting Design: You’ll agree that both bowls of this model have an eye-catching, satin finish with brush texture.

Also, the edge-cutting design of R10 tight radius corners gives this sink’s bowls a classic appeal of customized kitchenware.

We noticed the distance between the sink’s surface and our countertop wasn’t a disadvantage when transferring pieces of stuff into the bowls.

High Functionality: The HUD33DO has an ergonomic design whose elegance elevates the experience of dishwashing.

The 10-inch deep basin offers you the option to multitask by stacking used utensils utilizing its 33 inches of width.

The longer basin is ideal for holding large items.

Also, we didn’t notice pinging or clanking sounds because it had 3mm insulators.

These insulators will dampen (clanking) sound when there’s an impact from high-pressure water and different objects.

You’ll see two spaces to install faucets, the rear set of drains, and sloped bottom grooves useful for discharging wastewater.

Impressive Bowl Design: When you’re shopping for kitchen sink bowls, make sure your choice conforms with the ASI standards.

You have nothing to worry about before buying this MOWA Pro Series model because it’s a 16-Gauge (T304) stainless steel construction that conforms with ASI standards.

Unlike a regular 18-gauge double bowl sink, this model contains 25% of extra steel. The impressive bowl design ensures resistance to corrosion and durability.

Complete Accessories: You’ll receive a package with complete accessories when you buy this Pro Series HUD33DO from MOWA.

These accessories include 2 units of deluxe 3.5-inch drains, a scratch-proof bottom grid and 3 units of basket strainers.


  • Sink Depth: 10 inches
  • Product Weight: 36 lbs.
  • Steel Gauge: 18
  • Drain Size: 3.5 inches
  • Brand: MOWA


  • This model has sound-deadening pads that are 3mm thick
  • The design features handcrafted channel grooves that ensure proper drainage of water
  • The stainless steel material is scratch-proof and comes brushed satin finish


  • Its installation process is not easy

Our Verdict

Do you want to enhance the elegance of your kitchen? Get this MOWA HUD33DO Pro with undermount style, and enjoy its high functionality.

Also, this top choice enjoys many features like the sound-dampening pads.

They are 3mm thick and can reduce the clanging noise that comes from the impact of kitchen utensils.

Top Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Under $400

7 Ruvati RVH7355 30-inch Low-Divide Tight Radius

Ruvati RVH7355 30-inch Low-Divide Tight Radius

Except for novice users, most chefs know that Ruvati is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the USA. Our measurement confirms this Ruvati RVH7355’s width as 33 inches.

However, this product comes with a divider that makes its 10-inch deep bowls very functional.

I’ll share some basic features that make this extraordinary kitchenware a must-have for homeowners.

Luxurious Satin Finish: We are impressed with the quality of the premium satin finish that gives it a classic appeal.

Apart from using T-304 Grade Stainless Steel, Ruvati brushed this sink with a special satin coat to make it very durable.

We tried to clean the bowl after pouring oil into it, and it was very easy to clean.

Sloped Bottom with Grooves: We noticed that without the grooves at the bottom of the bowls, it would have been difficult to drain wastewater.

Unlike low-quality products, these grooves make Ruvati RVH7355 one of the most reliable choices.

However, our plumbing experts believe it’s the sink’s incline style actually enhances the grooves’ efficiency.

So, it’s these features that support the complete discharge of solid particles, and wastewater through the sink’s drains.

Low Divide Design: The Ruvati RVH7355 has a very functional low-divide design between its bowls.

While we were testing the low-divide design, it was easy to multitask with this feature. Being  4 inches lower than the rim, this low-divider allows for adequate clearance.

During dishwashing, it was easy for our team to transfer large pots and dishes from one bowl to another.

Undermount Installation: The drain has a standard diameter of 3.5 inches that fits your kitchen’s garbage disposal unit readily.

However, undermount installations require basic accessories, and you’ll find the mounting clips in the sink’s packaging box for this purpose.

It’s easy to install when you have basic plumbing skills and use the installation manual.


  • Sink Depth: 10 inches
  • Product Weight: 44.5 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Ruvati


  • The interior corners have sleek designs (edgeX 10mm) that make it a Tight Radius model
  • It comes with extra components like two sets of bottom rinse grids, and basket strainer drain assembly respectively.
  • It’s an easy-to-clean sinker brushed with a premium satin finish


  • Its Tight Radius corners are too sharp.

Our Verdict

It comes with heavy-duty undercoating and sound-guard pads that minimize noise.

This is premium (T-304 Grade) stainless steel kitchenware that has high resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

It’s an ideal product for buyers that crave for unique low-divide designs.

8 ZUHNE 32 Inch 16G Stainless Undermount 50/50

ZUHNE 32 Inch 16G Stainless Undermount 50/50

When you need kitchen sinks that combine artistry and edge-cutting technology, choose this product from ZUHNE.

Its modern squared shape is very pleasing to the eye and is a great choice in terms of utility.

The package comes with mounting brackets, strainers, a caddy, and a colander set.

Tank-like Construction: What impressed us most was that ZUHNE used sturdy materials during its construction.

Apart from being compact kitchenware, we tested this double basin bowl with abrasive materials and stains.

Interestingly, the uniform 16 Gauge body was easy to clean and resistant to abrasion.

Also, the commercial-grade satin coat helps it maintain its shiny appeal.

Soundproofing Technology: Normally, you’ll expect stainless steel materials to give a clanging sound when they are hit by metallic utensils.

However, we can confirm the high level of noise reduction that comes with this sink.

Our analysis shows that its noise-dampening property is enhanced with built-in thermal insulators. So, this is the first quiet sink in our list with soundproof technology.

Durability: After conducting an integrity test, we can confirm there’s 25% more steel material in this 16-Gauge kitchen sink than in regular products.

With this quality, it can resist corrosion from hard water perfectly.

Further analysis shows that it’s resistant to abrasion because of its edge-cutting design of premium satin finish.

We didn’t fail to test for kitchen cabinets’ condensate damage from this model.

However, we saw that this product maximizes countertop activities. Consequently, this test process shows that this ZUHNE model is a durable product.

Extra Plumbing Accessories: You’ll receive extra accessories with this washbowl.

These plumbing fittings include 3 units of basket strainer, mounting brackets, bottom grate, absorbent towel, and proprietary sponge holder.


  • Sink Depth: 10 inches
  • Product Weight: 42 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: ZUHNE


  • It comes with a uniform 16 Gauge body, rear/offset drain, and easy-to-clean corners
  • It enjoys a luxurious, commercial-grade satin finish that makes the surface very resistant to abrasion and corrosion
  • It was designed with thermal insulation and soundproof technology


  • Its bottom is not well aligned to take solid particles of food and debris into the drain

Our Verdict

I’ll recommend Zuhne products for buyers that need kitchenware with eye-catching designs.

By adding this model to your list of kitchenware, it can enhance any modern kitchen’s interior decoration. This Genoa 32 Inch is ideal for daily use.

Its functionality enhances the countertop work area and complements the appeal that other stainless steel appliances add to your cooking space.

9 Kraus KHF203-33 33-inch Farmhouse Round Apron

Kraus KHF203-33 33 inch Farmhouse Round Apron

This Kraus KHF203-33 33-inch has similar features to the 36-inch model, but they have different sizes. However, two features impressed us while testing this model.

They are the handcrafted design and channel grooves that are efficient for draining of wastewater.

When you will observe this product as we did, you’ll see a blend of functionality and creative designs.

Superior Drainage: Without considering the glaring opulent appearance of these sinks, their bowls have channel grooves that are engineered to drain waste water efficiently.

We compared them with the Kraus KHF203-36, and the difference was clear!

A Compact 33-inch Size: You don’t need much space between kitchen cabinets and countertops to fit this product.

The space we used for testing this product was a kitchen in one of our small studio apartments, and it fits conveniently.

However, with dimensions of 32.9 x 20.8 x 10 inches and a basin split design of 60/40 inches, this kitchenware will make a convenient fit for any modern kitchen cabinet.

High Functionality: KHF203-33 model has proven its high functionality with complete accessories of drain assembly, scratch-proof grid, and basket drainers.

Also, its Apron-front timeless style ensures a high level of flawless functionality.

Sound Barrier Technology: The Kraus KHF203-33 is a quieter model that minimizes noise and vibration.

It comes with Sound Guard undercoating that prevents condensation from damaging kitchen cabinets.

Also, its soundproof technology dampens the clanging sound that comes from the impact of metals.


  • Size and Basin Split: 33-inch; 60/40
  • Product Weight: 42.7 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Kraus


  • It is brushed with a commercial-grade satin finish
  • It comes with rounded corners that have a sleek, modern design and they are easy to clean
  • It has high resistance to corrosion and abrasion


  • Its accessories don’t include installation hardware like mounting brackets.

Our Verdict

When you buy this product, you receive a Kraus kitchen towel, drain assembly, basket strainer, and a set of bottom grids.

This product offers so much value for money that you might not want to miss it.

10 Kraus KHF203-36 36-inch Farmhouse Apron 60/40

Kraus KHF203-36 36 inch Farmhouse Apron 60/40

Kitchen sinks with high-end features can enhance the interior decorations of modern kitchens with their bold designs. The Kraus KHF203-36 is not an exception.

Many features amazed us during the test process of this product. However, the top-rated features are its high functionality and apron front design.

I’ll recommend this Kraus KHF203-36 for any homeowner that’s a Farmhouse Apron enthusiast.

When they plan to remodel their kitchen, there’s no better alternative to this.

Sturdy Construction: Not all double bowl sinks with apron-front designs are made from sturdy materials.

However, our material test result shows that both the TRU16 gauge and extra-tough T304 materials were used to manufacture this sink.

So, the Kraus KHF203-36 is durable and enjoys a sturdy construction.

These stainless steel materials have been mixed to bring high level of protection against dent and corrosion.

Rear-Set Drains: As one of the top models with the Apron-front design, we didn’t have to tilt its sloped bottom before discharging residual water from both bowls completely.

Instead, it comes with a 3. 5-inch rear-set drain that allows for the proper discharge of liquid and solid food particles.

Round Apron-Front Design: Generally, Farmhouse (Apron-front) sinks are installed beneath the counter.

When installed, its top design created a small gap that made it easy to move objects into the bowls from the sink’s surface and countertop.

Also, we placed some glassware on the Farmhouse sink’s surface, and the optimized angled edges prevented them from sliding off accidentally.

Premium Satin Finish: Sinks that are brushed with commercial-grade satin finish often create extra-tough layers.

Our abrasion and corrosion tests showed very high resistance because of the premium satin finish, and stainless steel materials.

However, you should still know how to remove rust from sinks. These features make this durable, and easy to clean.


  • Size and Style: 36-inch; 60/40
  • Product Weight: 44.5 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Kraus


  • It comes with a basket strainer, bottom grid, Kraus kitchen towel, drain assembly, and cutout template
  • This product is designed with protective (Stone Guard) undercoatings and sound-absorbing pads
  • It enjoys the strength of both T304 and TRU16 stainless steel materials


  • Instead of using a design of tiny grooves on the base, sloped bottom grooves would have been ideal to ensure the complete discharge of wastewater.

Our Verdict

Our Kraus KHF203-36 Farmhouse is able to bring high value for money.

This Apron-front (60/40) model has its 16 Gauge stainless steel construction coated with a premium satin finish.

So, buyers can expect the high functionality of a long-lasting model from Kraus.

Top Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Under $500

11 Ruvati RVH8350 33-inch Workstation Ledge 50/50

Ruvati RVH8350 33-inch Workstation Ledge 50/50

No test process is required to validate the creative and utilitarian design that Ruvati RVH8350 brings to modern homes.

Its top has a cutting board that’s made from polished African Mahogany hardwood.

We used this adjustable cutting board to chop veggies and slide the board over its underlying roll-up rack with ease.

Interestingly, its 16 Gauge stainless steel colander and basket strainer’s functionality enhanced our culinary skills.

Let’s share other features that we analyzed while using the Ruvati RVH8350.

Complete Accessories: We wouldn’t have recommended this model if it had low-quality accessories. Generally, you’ll enjoy much value for money when you will try it.

This Undermount Workstation comes with a set of double bowl sinks and complete accessories.

You’ll receive a cutout template, manual, and mounting clips for installation.

Other accessories include the basket strainer drain assembly, cutting board, bottom rinse grid, colander, and roll-up rack; but there is no drainboard.

Commercial Grade Ruvati’s Brushed Finish: There was no trace of scratches, watermarks, and fingerprints when we tested this Ruvati 33-inch RVH8350 model.

Instead, the quality of the coat on the brushed-finish stainless steel material was too visible to ignore.

Further analysis proved that it’s a low-maintenance choice with an opulent appearance, and it’s easy to clean.

Stainless Steel Rollup Rack: This Workstation comes with a roll-up dish-drying rack that’s made of stainless steel and flexible silicone materials.

We tried different thicknesses of plates on this rack, and they fit perfectly.

Usually, drying racks are versatile accessories for dishwashing, and you can fold or roll this rack after using it.

Drain Grooves: The smell of residual wastewater inside a kitchen sink is often offensive.

Unlike other options listed here, this RVH8350 model comes with four drain grooves and a sloped bottom.

We were impressed that though it’s large, its drain grooves support the complete discharge of wastewater and keep the basins clean completely.


  • Size and Style: 33-inch; 50/50
  • Product Weight: 50 lbs
  • Steel Gauge: 16
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Ruvati


  • The roll-up dish-drying rack is dishwasher safe, and the sink’s inside corners have Zero Radius (zEdge) designs.
  • It has a single-tier track that slides its African Mahogany cutting board
  • It comes with extra bottom rinse grids (stainless steel frames) to prevent the sink’s bowls from abrasion


  • It is a ‘no-rimming’ under-mount design.

Our Verdict

Your kitchen can have an opulent appeal with a combination of mahogany hardwood, and stainless steel (18/10 Chromium/Nickel) double bowl sink design.

This 16 Gauge premium T-304 grade product has 3.5-inch (standard) drains that impress us.

Buyers will experience zero risks of condensation to kitchen cabinets and clanging sounds with the Ruvati RVH8350’s Sound Guard undercoatings and dampeners.

Top Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Under $700

12 Blanco 441309 Performa 1.75 Medium Bowl Sink

Blanco 441309 Performa 1.75 Medium Bowl Sink

The Blanco 441309 is one of our high-end choices with consistent color.

We tried to unravel the technology behind this non-fade metallic gray coat. What we saw were inclusions of composite materials during its construction.

The Blanco 441309 seems to be compact because it contains about 80% of granite and 20% of other composite materials.

We saw a major drawback that might require buyers to handle it with care.

Sinks that have composite materials are often likely to crack when there’s a high impact. but Blanco 441309 can offer you a lifetime of service if it’s used properly.

High Functionality: We can’t ignore the high functionality of the 30/70 basin split design that comes with this sink.

During our dishwashing task, we could store dirty pots and dishes of a small-sized family in both bowls.

Also, the smaller bowl was convenient for us to drain veggies, and perform other culinary tasks.

It also complements commercial kitchen faucets in terms of outlook and service. Generally, it is easy to clean after use.

Low-Divide Wall: The low divider is a partition between the basins of kitchen sinks.

The Blanco 441309’s low-divider ensures seamless transfer of kitchen utensils or food items from one bowl to the other.

We are impressed with the low divide’s height of 4 inches from the kitchen sink’s rim.

It’s good to know that you will enjoy convenience and functionality after purchasing this kitchen sink model.

Undermount Installation: It is an undermount design that uses mounting brackets.

During installation, we positioned its reversible shape with either of its sides (length) against the wall.

After each process, neither of the sides showed any sign of improper installation because the reversible shapes have the same dimensions and design.

So, this style of design (reversible shape) will make your installation process easy.

Ergonomically Enhanced: Naturally, granite stones look appealing when they are polished.

As we said, this double bowl sink is a combination of granite and composite materials.

Also, the design comes with a range of eye-catching colors like this Blanco 441309’s metallic gray.

So, you can expect more beauty in your kitchen’s interior decor because these kitchen sinks have been enhanced ergonomically.


  • Size: 33-inch
  • Product Weight: 0.16 oz.
  • Installation Method: Undermount
  • Brand: Blanco


  • It comes with a low-divide wall that aligns with countertops and gives kitchens the utilitarian appeal they deserve.
  • It is made from Granite composite materials that make the kitchenware easy to clean.
  • The flexibility of installation allows its reversible shape to be mounted either way.


  • It doesn’t come with any set of drains assembly

Our Verdict

You’ll not find complete accessories when you buy the Blanco 441309 Performa.

However, you will enjoy the ease of cleaning the bowls after using them. It is made from composite materials and Granite.

Also, this model is enhanced by a low-divide design that adds functionality to your kitchen task.

What to Look for in a Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks?

What to Look for in a Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Double bowl kitchen sinks are one among the different types of sinks available on the market.

These are usually packed with features. It’s a normal practice to expect attractive features when you shop for accessories with high functionality.

Apart from the ratings, and user experience of these kitchen sinks, they come with other features that you must consider during the selection process.

1. Material & Durability

  • Stainless Steel

Generally, stainless steel sinks are the most common type you’ll see.

Stainless steel models are lightweight, durable, and scratch-proof. You’ll also see them in different gauges, and material strength, but they make noise because of their metals.

  • Copper

Naturally, copper materials are antimicrobial elements that have resistance to stains. Kitchen sinks made from Copper materials are often coated to increase their lifespan.

However, it’s the color of the respective coat formulas that determine the patina’s pattern and appearance.

  • Composite

The composite type comes in a range of materials used to manufacture them.

Usually, manufacturers mix polyester resins with quartz, or granite with acrylic materials to form them.

This design allows them to have eye-catching, multiple colors and durability.

Predominantly, they have white colors. They are also lightweight and have sound-deadening attributes.

  • Granite

Granite sinks have acrylic additives that make them very attractive in terms of look and durability. You will find both white and black granite colors in today’s market.

Usually, manufacturers add 80% of granite to acrylic materials to make them heat (537 degrees Fahrenheit) and stain-resistant.

This process turns them insusceptible to fingerprints, rust, and stains.

In addition, they are super simple to clean.

Also, most modern kitchen owners dream to have classic cooking spaces where their countertops blend with their sinks’ colors.

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron sinks are very common to see and are the traditional versions that were available many years ago.

This metal might have a high heat resistance (1000 degrees Fahrenheit), but its risk of corrosion is high when they come without coats.

Usually, porcelain enamel coats are applied on cast iron sinks to increase their durability.

  • Porcelain

The application of porcelain enamel to coat iron or stainless steel frames gives porcelain sinks.

Enameled-steel sinks are easy to clean, but they crack when heavy or sharp-tip utensils drop on them.

When the enamel surface chips, the damage increases the chance of corrosion on the underlying metal.

Additionally, porcelain materials have high-temperature resistance (1000 degrees Fahrenheit), and sound-deadening properties.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic sinks appear like the surface of enamels. Usually, these types are manufactured by applying molten acrylic materials into predefined shapes.

However, they are not scratch-resistant. You’ll see melting spots from hot pots when they sit on the surface of acrylic sinks.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic sinks have limestone as their main material, and they are available in a range of beautiful colors. The combination of limestone, clay, and high-intensity of heat ensures that these products come out fine.

However, these fireclay materials tend to crack when there’s an impact from a heavy object.

2. Size & Depth

It’s necessary to consider the depth and size of the kitchen sink you want to install.

Usually, architects have standard layout dimensions for fittings and they plan with these details.

So, it’s proper to choose the sink’s depth and size before the builder installs your kitchen’s countertop.

However, it’s easier when you are remodeling your kitchen.

A double basin sink will be longer than its single counterpart, but its depths range between 6 to 12 inches.

Also, a deeper basin will reduce any chance of water splashes.

3. Shape & Configuration

Most double-basin sinks are configured with spaces for faucets in-between them. It’s a normal feature of modern models to have uneven shapes.

Also, the sleekness of their shapes varies according to their models. However, the durable ones should have solid surfacing designs.

Regardless of their shapes and configuration, colorful and easy-to-clean modern sinks have seamless applications.

4. Mounting

There are two main styles of mounting kitchen sinks.

These installation patterns include drop-down (top-mount) and under-mounted styles. Relatively top-mount sinks are easier to install than the other type.

Unlike top-mount sinks that overlap the countertop, under-mount sinks have their lips a few inches below the surface of the countertops.

5. Heat Resistance

Different materials show various resistance to heat.

The average resistance to heat level is between 1,000 to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, ceramic sinks have the least resistance to heat, and fireclay sinks are impressive heat resistance ratings.

Generally, heat resistance levels determine how the sink’s surface will react to hot utensils like pans and pots.

6. Noise Control

Usually, cast iron and stainless steel kitchen sinks make high-pitch sounds when utensils are dropped on them.

Other compact types have noise-reduction (dampers) properties. Manufacturers use special seals or rubber pads to enhance the sound-dampening level of stainless steel sinks.

However, enameled-steel sinks don’t need to use those rubber pads because the density of their material ensures proper sound-deadening properties.

7. Price

Their price varies with their designs, quality, and durability.

A high-quality product has an average price of $200. Normally, a top-class 16 gauge with high-functionality (strainers and grid) cost more than $250.

You can also get cheaper products if you’re on a budget. However, you’ve to consider your budget before choosing any model.

Understanding Best Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Understanding Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks
The double bowl kitchen sink is a kitchenware with large bowls for dishwashing, outlets for faucets, and drains.

Usually, a kitchen sink is either mounted by dropping it on the countertop or installed from the underside of countertop slabs.

Regardless of their style of mounting, a durable choice is often made with stain-resistant materials.

While washing, they are used for stacking used kitchen utensils and for washing hands while cooking; cleaning meats, fruits, and vegetables.

I have not seen a good kitchen without single or double-basin sinks. Instead, very functional cooking spaces often have eye-catching kitchen sinks with different designs.

1. On the Basis of Mounting

  • Top Mount

This style of mounting refers to sinks that are positioned by dropping them on the countertop.

A top-mount sink with two asymmetric basins might appear bulky, but it could enhance the kitchen’s design.

These self-rimming designs often come cheaper than the high-end models.

  • Undermount

Undermount kitchen sinks make a great impression on your guests and they are installed by raising them into place from the underneath kitchen slabs.

Usually, during kitchen remodeling, homeowners with traditional models often replace them with stylish under-mounted sinks.

2. On the Basis of Style & Size

  • Even Basin

Usually, traditional sinks with D-shape bottoms and rectangular styles.

They are old-fashioned with their even basin shapes and take up storage space under the countertop. However, sinks with even basin designs are common and affordable.

  • Uneven Basin

Modern kitchen sinks have no limit to their designs.

Usually, uneven basins come with both deep and shallow designs. Most high-end models of uneven basins have aesthetic designs and are easy to maintain.

Usually, sinks with uneven basins have curvy edges and asymmetrical designs.

Care & Maintenance Tips

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Blocked drain and clogged channels are common problems of double sinks.

Usually, a defective design can render any kitchen sink inefficient in the discharge of wastewater.

However, you can ensure there’s no issue with drains when you buy a quality product.

These are basic maintenance techniques to ensure their functionality and durability.

General Care and Maintenance Tips

Avoid dumping large grains of food particles in the bowl.

When these particles pass through drain baskets, you should gather and trash them in the bin properly.

After using the bowls, wipe them clean with a kitchen towel.

This process helps to reduce the risk of corrosion and prevent pungent smells from residual water and leftover food.

There will be issues with wastewater drainage if your sink’s installation process is wrong.

Fixing Common Problems

Fixing the basic problems is easy when you engage a plumbing expert.

It’s the plumber’s role to practice safe maintenance of your kitchen sinks. These are solutions to common problems that affect their drains.

  • How to Fix a Kitchen Sink Drain?

Modern kitchen sinks have drain diameters of 3.5 inches (Standard), and many of these types come with extra sets of drain assembly.

Your plumber might need to replace a broken drain channel if the problem goes beyond clogged drains.

  • How to Repair a Leak Under the Sink?

The leak under your sink might be from old or loose plumbing accessories.

Usually, the extent of the damage is assessed before carrying out necessary repairs.

If you’re an avid DIY enthusiast with basic plumbing skills, you can easily handle it yourself.

They’ll need to shut off the main source of water before using simple tools like an adjustable wrench to disconnect the affected part.

You can try plumbing with dishwater when fixing the issues of a double kitchen sink.

Plumbing accessories are common replacements that are sold everywhere. Consequently, the defective accessory can be replaced.

  • Installing a Water Softener System

To protect all the plumbing fixtures and fit in the house, you should install a high-quality water softener system.

This will save your sinks and faucets from getting rust and other mineral deposits that cause severe damage to such fixtures.

Among other benefits, soft water is also good for skin and hair. That’s why we suggest you keep your water softened and filtered.

A Word from FaucetsReviewed

Here we have listed down the best double-bowl kitchen sinks you’ll find in today’s market.

Any buyer interested in the drop-in type will find high-end models that might bring increased functionality.

I’ll recommend either the 36-inch or 33-inch Kraus Farmhouse for homeowners that prefer kitchen sinks with apron front designs.

Apart from their type of installation, these products are very functional with their uneven, basin split 60/40 style.

Also, their 1.5mm thickness and 16 Gauge stainless steel materials have high resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

The Blanco 441309 Performa is a unique kitchenware because of the composition of its materials; i.e., about 80% Granite stone and a range of composite elements.

So, its strength of materials can serve its owners for a lifetime. However, composite sinks are prone to cracks when they are not handled properly.

Additionally, the low-divide partition that comes with this model enhances the convenience of multitasking while preparing meals.

Aside from these top 10 options, there are also many quality kitchen sinks manufactured by popular brands like Franke, Hindware, Elkay, Domsjo, Swanstone, and Radiant.

But their products could not be accommodated in this shortlist because they were not good enough to compete with these top 10 sinks.

However, the Faucets Reviewed team cannot deny the fact that some of the models are really great and maybe we could pick them if this was a top 20 product list or something similar.

I am confident that you’ll make the right decision whether you are looking for an extra large or an extra deep or even a corner or a bar/entertainment sink.

You can also send us your feedback after a great user experience with your choice.


Q: What is the best double kitchen sink?

Ans: Our team of certified plumbers ran extensive market research in order to find out the ultimate double bowl kitchen sinks that we also had tested from our end before making our final list.

Our findings suggest that Ruvati RVM4300, Ruvati RVM4350, ZUHNE 32 Inch, MOWA HUD33DO Pro, Blanco 441309 Performa, and Kraus KHF203-36 are some of the best double bowl options you can go for.

Q: What is the use of a double-bowl kitchen sink?

Ans: The double bowl design is for keeping soapy water and fresh water separate, so you can dip and wash your dishes in the soapy water first, then wash the soap dipping into the fresh water.

This design is for making the washing task easy and fast.

Q: Is a single bowl or double bowl kitchen sink better?

Ans: Single bowl sinks are great for smaller spaces and have greater scope for holding dishes. You will get more space but there’s no option for water-type separation.

For a double bowl sink, you get to choose where you want to keep the soapy water.

You can also separate different washing stuff depending on their sizes using two separate sinks. So, it all depends on your preference and requirements.

Q: Is a double sink good for my kitchen?

Ans: Double sinks require more space than their single counterparts.

If you have enough space to install one, it can make working in the kitchen so much easier and fun.

You can also opt-in for single sinks depending on the space you have.

Q: Which type of kitchen sink is best?

Ans: Usually, the most widely used kitchen sink in the globe is the stainless steel ones.

They are durable and can withstand heavy usage for a long time. They are also cheaper than many of their counterparts.

Q: Why does my kitchen sink have a vent?

Ans: Every plumbing fixture, including your sink, needs a vent to function properly.

When you use your sink, negative pressure builds up over time and pulls water from the P-trap, preventing sewer gasses from entering your home.

Without a vent, these dangerous sewer gasses may enter your home and cause a series of health issues.

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