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Bathroom Faucets

10 Best Bathroom Sink Faucets to Buy Now According to Over 7,500 Customers

Bathroom faucets are like the icing on a cake. They can provide a stunning finishing touch to make a bathroom remodel lovelier. Also, with good taste and a little luck, your bathroom sink faucet could be the centerpiece of your bathroom!

Today’s bathroom sink faucets come in a variety of styles, designs, qualities, and functions. Their purpose is not limited to just giving you control over the water anymore. There are so many features and functionalities that you may find yourself lost in an ocean full of faucet choices.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help! We reviewed today’s best bathroom sink faucets and shared our experience with them. See which one suits your needs and budget.

Best Bathroom Sink Faucets Reviewed

1 Moen 84144BRB Sarona Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Faucet (Best Single-Handle)

Moen 84144BRB Sarona Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Faucet

Why it Stands Out To Us

It’s said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But take a look at the Moen Sarona 84144BRB and everyone will agree that its unique design and finish is something unearthly. Not only that, this stunning faucet is also a champ function-wise.

With 75 patents under their belt, anything from Moen radiates innovation to its finest. The Sarona 84144BRB can be a fantastic addition to your bathroom to turn it into a conversation piece.

Our Experience with the Sarona 84144BRB

  • The farmhouse look still has a modern vibe. It blends well in most traditional and contemporary bathrooms except for the super-sleek ones. The finish never shows fingerprints, dirt, or water stains.
  • Your bathroom size doesn’t matter since it suits both large and small bathrooms really well. You get hot and cold water with the single handle and may get some time for you to get used to it if you have used two handles faucets all these years
  • Installation is straightforward that you can easily do following the manual. All the parts are included in the package. But do call in a plumber if you think you can’t handle the installation yourself. There is a non-metal pop-up drain stopper that requires sealant/plumber’s putty for the drain assembly
  • A good dishwashing cleaner is enough to clean the faucet. Moen also offers an aerator removing key that helps clean out mineral deposits within minutes quite effectively. You also won’t face any fingerprint or water stain issues, even if you live in a hard-water prone region.
  • You have to swing the lever up, down and sideways to control water temperatures and flow rates. The maximum flow rate can also be changed from 1.2 to 2.2 gpm with a compatible aerator provided by Moen.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The drain pullup is attached in the back of the faucet and has a 45° angle. This is bad news for those with thick backsplashes because they may not have enough clearance to mount the faucet
  • A bit expensive. Well, we pay some extra for good brands anyway and this faucet makes up for the extra cost with its superior quality and performance

Our Recommendations

  • The pull on the back may not work for your granite backsplash. Keep this in mind before you give it a try.


  • Dimensions: ‎5 x 6 x 7.38 Inches
  • Finish: ‎Bronze, Brushed Nickel
  • Material: Metal
  • Installation Method: Deck Mounted
  • Handle type: Single, right-hand side lever
  • Spout Reach: Five Inches
  • Water Consumption: ‎1.2 Gal/Minute
  • Code Compliance: ADA, EPA


  • Spot resistant finish
  • Design blends between modern and archaic patterns
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Great performance


  • A little expensive

2 PARLOS Swivel 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet (Best Dual Handle)

PARLOS Swivel 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

Why it Stands Out To Us

With the mission to provide people a cozy time in their restrooms, Parlos makes affordable sanitary products that give real value for money. This two-handle lavatory faucet is a nice alternative to many pricey bathroom faucets out there but with the same level of functionality.

Our Experience with the PARLOS swivel 2-Handle faucet

  • No matter what finish you choose from the brushed gold, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and matte black, it always shines like new even after years of use. The design is not so bold but good enough to add a new character to your bathroom ambience
  • The metallic body feels sturdy but the base is plastic! The pop up drain is also plastic. If you consider the inexpensive price, it’s still hard to accept plastic as the material of choice for the faucet exterior
  • The two lever handles provide smooth water flow and temperature control and they suit close backsplashes well. You may hear an annoying squeaky sound when you turn on the levers. If that happens, this might be caused by the sealing on the rotating part under the handle. Remove the lever and apply lithium grease spray
  • This faucet is top-mounted with the handles and spout connected inside the deck plate. As a result, you only need to connect the supply hoses under the sink to do the installation
  • Tighten the plastic nuts below the sinkholes after placing the centerset on the top. You may find the threads somewhat weak, so be careful when you tighten the nuts. The good thing is the assembly doesn’t require any putty
  • Cleaning the faucet is easy. But don’t use too much bleach-based products
  • Water pressure is good on the 24 feet supply line but make sure your water pipes have a good incoming pressure to support it

What We Didn’t Like

  • The hot water valve began making a squeaking sound after a few weeks of use that we had to solve ourselves

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • The gold finish is more yellowish than being goldish


  • Dimensions: ‎13.74 x 10.55 x 3.03 Inches
  • Material: Metal & Plastic
  • Finish Type: Brushed Gold/ Nickel/ Matt Black/ Bronze
  • Holes: Three
  • Deck plate: Included
  • Water Consumption: ‎1.2 Gal/Minute
  • Code Compliance: CEC, ADA/ANSI A117.1., EPA, CALGreen, NSF/ANSI 372
  • ‎Limited lifetime warranty


  • Easy to set up
  • Great look
  • Completely leak-proof faucet and handles
  • Easy to clean
  • No fingerprints and water spots
  • Requires no putty for sealing


  • Cheaply made drain stopper

3 Pfister LF042JDKK Jaida Bathroom Faucet (Best Waterfall)

Pfister LF042JDKK Jaida Bathroom Faucet

Why it Stands Out To Us

Since their inception in 1910, Pfister has won the hearts of US homeowners with wonderfully-crafted faucets that are easy to install and easily affordable. The Jaida LF042JDKK is a trademark of their modern innovation. The elegant design and extraordinary performance makes this a perfect addition to your bathroom sink.

Our Experience with the Pfister Jaida LF042JDKK

  • The sleek design with stunning curves can uplift any bathroom style.
  • Easy to install. There are quick snap on connectors to make the assembly a hassle-free process
  • The ceramic disc valves require minimal maintenance and they don’t drip water like rubber washers
  • The hot and cold water valves have a smooth water flow no matter what pressure adjustments you make and they never splash water
  • The pop up drain stopper is a great addition to the overall setup. It doesn’t fiddle like old-school drain stoppers
  • The metal body barely can stand hard water – bad news for those who live in hard water prone areas. Another issue is you can’t reach the innermost part of the spout to clean it
  • Don’t use rough polish or detergent products because they may ruin the finish. Wipe it clean with a piece of cloth

What We Didn’t Like

  • There were water stains after a few months of use
  • The pop-up drain is mostly plastic

What Could Be Improved and Why

  • The handle and spout connector needs to be more rigid


  • Dimensions: ‎‎18.4 x 7.2 x 2.8 Inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish Type: Brushed, Polished, Spot Defense, Bronze
  • Installation Method: Deck Mounted
  • Handle type: Single Lever
  • Holes: One or Three
  • Drain Assembly: American Push & Seal
  • Style: Centerset
  • Water Consumption: ‎1.2 Gal/Minute
  • Code Compliance: ADA, ASME, CalGreen, CEC, CSA B125
  • Warranty Type: ‎Limited lifetime warranty


  • Nice design
  • Resistant to fingerprints
  • The water flow doesn’t break or splash
  • Natural sound from water drops
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • Visible hard water spots on the spout

4  Pfister lf042jdcc

Pfister lf042jdcc

This Pfister faucet is another great choice. It is the true definition of grace and refinement that results in a nice ambiance in the bathroom. It offers a one or three hole installment, so you can mount it anywhere on your sink or bathtub.

What makes this as our single control faucet choice is the wonderful features it comes with. It has a forever seal, which is an advanced valve technology that guarantees no leaks. Another great feature is the natural waterfall flow from its trough design.

This funky looking faucet includes a push and seal drain that also works fine with a pedestal sink. There are no more pop-ups with this feature. Instead, push the top part to seal your sink. To release, push again.

The faucet complies with a number of codes and standards. They include CEC, water compliant, EPA WaterSense standards, CAL Green Compliant, and many others. So you can be sure that you’ll use less water than the normal standard without compromising the faucet’s overall performance.


  • Nickel finish and metal construction
  • Deck-mounted installation
  • Centerset type
  • WaterSense certified
  • 1.2 GPM
  • Lifetime warranty
  • One hole needed for installation


  • Versatility – it can be installed on your sink or counterpart
  • Easy to install – takes only a single hole to install
  • More relaxing water flow
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Push and seal the drain


  • Water is spat out with force at times

Final Verdict

Pfister products are known for their classic, innovative, and modern designs. The international market sometimes refers to them as first-class bathroom faucets. This one is no exception from the others. It brings out all its characteristics clearly and is the ideal choice for families with small children.

5  Moen 6410bn Eva Two-Handle Centerset

Moen 6410bn Eva Two-Handle Centerset

With a swan-like spout, this will be the perfect elegant choice. It features two handles that looks like a petal. They are responsible for adjusting the level of water and temperature.

The faucet requires a 4” three holes for an easy install. Its flawless brushed nickel finish prevents the faucet from corroding or flaking.

This faucet meets the WaterSense standards with 1.2 gallons per minute (GPM). It is ideal for your everyday tasks like hand washing.  The height of the spout measures 7.95 inches giving you more space to work with.

Last but not least, expect a lifetime limited warranty against defects and drips. The product also includes a metal pop-up drain for easy assembly.


  • 4” centerset design
  • 1.2 GPM flow rate and 1.5 GPM water consumption
  • Brushed nickel finish and metal material
  • 3 number of holes
  • WaterSense Certified
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • 4 inches spout reach
  • Deck-mounted installation


  • High-quality finish – this makes it a durable product that can withstand wears
  • An elegant design – swan-like spout and petal-like handles
  • Easy to clean and maintain due to a quality finish
  • Saves water and is WaterSense certified


  • Water starts to drip after a long time use

Final Verdict

It will be the perfect choice if you have kids around or older adults. Other than that, we love the fact that the faucet complies with several codes and standards.

6 Delta Cassidy 597LF-RBMPU

Delta Cassidy 597LF-RBMPU

It is important that when you are remodeling your house, you use high-quality products. Not only will they last you for a long time but ensure that your bathroom looks great. Delta faucet Cassidy is simply a top-notch fixture that comes in different finishes.

You have a wide array of finishes to choose from that will properly match with your other bathroom accessories.  The faucet has smooth lines that satisfy you with a single touch. To install, you’ll need a single hole or three holes. This is a beautiful chrome plated faucet that deserves to be added in you bathroom.


  • Venetian bronze finish
  • Deck mounted installation
  • 1.2 GPM flow rate
  • 6.8” spout height and 5.4” spout reach
  • WaterSense certified
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • ADA compliant


  • Five different finishes to choose from
  • Classic design best for traditional or modern bathrooms
  • Installation is easy
  • Very sturdy – this makes the faucet to be durable and stain and scratch resistant


  • A not so clear installation guide

Final Verdict

Sturdiness with elegance is what we can define this product. It has a classic look that will most definitely leave your bathroom standing out from any other. What we love most about this product is that it can be used easily with people with disabilities.

7  Moen 6400 Eva

Moen 6400 Eva

You have probably been waiting for us to talk about the high-arc design models. Well, these are the best faucets for bathrooms with bigger space and classical decoration. Well, here it is. Moen introduces Eva 6400, a chrome finish with one handle faucet. It has a modern elegant design that is sure to stay on trend for a long time.

It is also available in brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finish. So you can easily pair it with other bathroom items like towel bars or shower faucets.

The faucet has a maximum flow of 1.5 GPM makes it WaterSense certified. The pivot lever-like handle controls the temperature of 100 degrees. It is also ADA compliant. It can be used in a three-hole or single hole installation.


  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant
  • 1.5 GPM water consumption
  • 1.22 GPM flow rate
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Single handle
  • Deck mounted installation


  • ADA compliant
  • Single lever for a simple use
  • High-quality finish prevents corrosion
  • Aerated flow to avoid splashing
  • Transitional design that will never go out of trend


  • Installation can be a bit complicated

Final Verdict

When it comes to getting bathroom fixtures, you want to go for a modern product that will never go out of style. We believe this trendy Moen Eva model will be the perfect choice. It works great with kids and people with a disability. Furthermore, it is convenient for your everyday use.

8 KOHLER Devonshire K-394-4-CP

KOHLER Devonshire K-394-4-CP

Kohler products are renowned worldwide for their reliable product range that comes with great looks and durability, and the Devonshire is no different. It isn’t a touchless faucet and comes with two separate handles and is widespread. The supply and drain lines are included making installation easier.

The faucet has ceramic disc valves that increase performance and longevity. The finish is made from solid brass that increases durability and prevents corrosion and scratches.

How about you match the old world elegance with your bathroom? The contemporary lines add a distinct design to the whole product.


  • 2 levers
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Polished chrome finish
  • 1.2 GPM flow rate
  • Widespread mounting type
  • 3.5” spout height and 6.3” spout reach
  • ADA compliant


  • Easy installation with a top-mount system
  • Durable construction with a strong finish
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • The separate levers meet ADA standards


  • Some parts are made of plastics

Final Verdict

We always try to give out as much information about a product as possible. And just like you expect that from us, products should also provide the best models. That’s what KOHLER has done with this faucet. It had great functionality with a flawless finish. The levers are easy to use for people with disability and for smaller children.

9 Enzo Rodi ERF1214255CP-10

Enzo Rodi ERF1214255CP-10

A faucet made of low-lead brass and complies with the safety standard that reduces lead to your health. It is fit for 3 holes that are 4” apart. The faucet also includes a ceramic valve built-in which is responsible for reducing leaks and smooth rotation.

It also includes a neoprene aerator that provides you with a comfortable washing ambiance. The rubber nozzles are easy to clean and prevent hard water stains. The finish is made of high-quality chrome which is in charge of resisting corrosion.


  • Polished chrome finish
  • 3 hole installation
  • Centerset mounting type
  • 1.2GPM
  • 2.06 inches spout height and 4.37 inches spout reach
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • UPC NSF AB1953


  • High performance due to the neoperl aerator
  • Complies with safety standards that prevent lead harm
  • Premium finish that reduces corrosion and stains
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No leaks or drips


  • Installation may need a professional
  • Not ADA compliant

Final Verdict

A small bodied faucet but let this not fool you about its performance. It operates well with no difficulty turning the levers. Its special features like the ceramic valve make the product one of a kind. Best use for younger adults and kids.

10 MYHB 360° Swivel Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

MYHB 360° Swivel Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

The best bathroom faucet for the money with a single hole faucet and a touch of vintage/antique and contemporary design. This MYHB faucet features a flow that is aerated and ideal for tasks like washing hands and brushing teeth.

The faucet is built with high codes that save water without compromising its performance. The 360feature allows you to adjust your spout in 360 rotations in swivel action. Other than that, there is a built-in ceramic cartridge meant to prevent leaks.

The aerator makes sure that the flow is smooth with no splash. Additionally, you’ll need one or three holes for installation.


  • Brushed bronze finish
  • Surface-mounted installation
  • 9” spout height and 5.5” spout reach
  • Includes water supplies
  • Pop-up drain
  • 1.5 GPM


  • Easy installation on a single hole
  • An adjustable height
  • Leak and splash free due to the built-in ceramic cartridge
  • Eye-catching and elegant design


  • A not so clear installation manual

Final Verdict

MYHB is known about making the world a better place by creating products that are environmentally friendly. This model is no exception. It works great and the 360swivel feature makes it easier to use the product. In terms of quality, this is simply superb worth your money.

Best Bathroom Sink Faucets – Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Best Bathroom Sink Faucets

There are several factors you need to look at before purchasing such a fixture. We cannot assure you that there are only one or two top bath faucets on the market. Things will vary, especially since there are different types of faucets, places to use, materials, etc.

So, in order to find which one suits your needs, let us look at the factors that will help you purchase a quality product.

1. Construction & Finish

Don’t settle for the fancy and classy looks just yet. The constructions and finish are far more important. High-quality finishes mean that the product will be easy to maintain, clean and won’t get scratches easily.

In addition, you want the material used to be strong and serve you for the longest time possible. Stainless steel and chrome are the most preferred finishes since they are not prone to stains or rust.

For a highly fashionable finish, oil rubbed bronze is used. It is the right option for a modern or classical design that compliments its appearance.

Polished brass is another common finish. It is ideal for classic large bathrooms since the finish adds elegance to the room.

Other finishes include black, nickel, iron, gold, copper, and polished, brushed or matte chrome, porcelain for handles, and oil rubbed bronze finish. Go for a finish that you see is most appealing to you.

2. Style & Design

There are three different styles and design:

  • Classical design – Not of the centuries ago but those that were used at the beginning of the 19th and 20th centuries used together with modern technologies. They are mostly the centerpiece of the room and ideal for traditional bathrooms. These faucets are known to enhance the look of the room be it a mirror, a sink or any other accessories. They use one or two handles but mostly one like the traditional models.
  • Modern Design – They are the most popular and ideal for a modern bathroom. They have one or two handles and straight or curved lines. For you to install these, make sure that the sink is also modern too.
  • Hybrid design – These types can be used in both traditional and modern bathrooms. They have harsher edges and straighter lines and will look great with almost any kind if sink. The handles are one or two and closely resemble classical faucets.

3. Mounting Type

It’s important that you know which type of faucet works well with which type of sink or basin. The most common mounting types include a single hole, centerset, vessel, wall-mounted, and widespread.

4. High Arc vs Low Arc

This is a confusing comparison every homeowner has to make. But it is not that complicated. Choosing a high arc when your sink is deep might lead to splashes. On the other hand, choosing a low arc with a shallow sink will lead to the same result.

So in order to know which arc is right for you, go for a higher arc with a shallow sink and a lower arc with a deeper sink. This way, you’ll have minimized the risk of water splashing and increase the distance of water. It will also increase the space to fit your hands properly.

Other than that, high arcs get in the way if you are washing your face or brushing your teeth. But they tend to look better than low arcs.

5. Widespread vs Centerset

A centerset is used on one mounting hole while the widespread needs more. Since the widespread comes with separate pieces and is placed far from each other, it makes it easier to clean than the centerpiece. The widespread is also an ideal choice if you are looking for something stylish.

But remember that some things like easy to clean is not necessarily true since it will all depend on the finish of the faucet.

6. Control Options

These are the handles that you use to turn the faucet on or off. There are different types of controls.

  • Cross handles – These handles have a ‘T’ or cross design mostly a three-hole design but others may have a single design. But they are not suitable for young children or older adults.
  • Joystick – It looks similar to a lever but with a different range of motion and look.
  • Knobs – they are knob shaped and frequently constructed of metal or acrylic materials. They function like cross handles and are not suitable for kids and older adults.
  • Lever handles – These are the most common controls. They are user friendliness and can be used with small children and the elderly.
  • Push-buttons – Instead of turning the handle, this one requires you to push the button down to turn the faucet on.
  • Touchless – They are a great choice since they are motion activated. All you have to do is place your hands under the spout and that’s it. You can control the temperature with the mixing valve.
  • Touch-activated – like the touchless handle, this one too does not require for you to turn the control. Instead tap your wrist, finger, or elbow near the activation point. There is a handle for controlling the temperature.

7. Installation Holes and Plumbing

Not all faucets will fit in your bathroom. Generally, it will depend on the number of holes on the rim of your sink or on the wall above it. If you are planning to do the installation yourself, then first determine where the faucet will be placed. Then measure the distance of the hole distance.

One hole is ideal for a single hole bathroom sink faucet. For three holes that are 4” apart, a 4” centerset faucet or 4” mini spread faucet is the right choice. Lastly, for three holes that are 8” apart, go for an 8” widespread faucet.

8. Space Around Your Bathroom Sink

Remember to check the space around your sink so that you can go for the right faucet. For example, check if there are any shelves above the sink that will determine the height of the spout. Another to consider is how big your sink is. You don’t want to go for a too large faucet for a small sink or vise versa.

9. Ease of Installation & Maintenance

Most people prefer installing faucets on their own. Not only will it save your time but also the extra expenses of hiring someone to do so. Consider a faucet that has fewer parts, this way you won’t be confused about where to place what. Also, check if it comes with a manual to help with the installation process.

For maintenance, most people assume that the wider the faucet is, the easier it is to maintain. This, however, is not true. The ease of maintenance of the faucet will all depend on the finish. The better the material used in the finish, the easier it will be to maintain.

10. Warranty & Certification

The warranty for any product should always be the number one thing to confirm. Faucets don’t have to be replaced every now and then, especially since they are not that cheap. Instead, they are supposed to serve you for the longest time possible. So, how do you know if the faucet is a good one?

Check the warranty. A longer warranty often indicates that the product is of high-quality. Don’t forget to check if they also include replacements and repairs as part of their warranty.

On top of the warranty, it is also a good idea to check if the faucets are certified. It is the job of the manufacturer to check if the faucets meet the standards and codes and also if they are tested for quality. Some faucets come with consumption certificates that limit excessive use of water and will end up saving your money.

11. Price

There are many different varieties of faucets to choose from. So it is good to narrow down your choices by setting a budget range. Anything that doesn’t meet that range is to be taken off. After that, check the specifications of products that meet your budget and your needs.

Why Get a New One?

A bathroom sink faucet is a device you use to regulate the flow of liquid with your hand while in the bathroom. You can mix hot or cold water together and control the flow. You can also call it an indoor tap.
An average person spends around 10 to 12 hours at home. A considerable amount of time is spent in the bathroom.

Due to this, it is a good idea to add new faucet in your home. It will not only help you keep your personal hygiene on top, but also add a sense of elegance.

So, why do you need to get a new bathroom faucet?

1. Keep up with the trend

Does your old faucet look rusty, or has a squeaky sound? Then it might be time to let the old guy go and get a better one. With the modern world changing every day, so are these devices. You are certain to find one that suits your taste.

2. Forget About Rust and Corrosion

Your faucet was once new and served its purpose well. But after some time, water has made it corrode and dysfunction. Rust and other mineral deposits existing in the pipe water are responsible for such problems. Removing the rust may not always help if the metal is damaged permanently.

3. Say Goodbye to Hard Water Stain

If you are tired of your current faucet having stains from water splashing, then it is time you consider a new one. Save yourself the hassle of trying to get the hard water stain off.

The above are some of the reasons why you need a new faucet. Other than that, you can always change your faucets when remodeling your house or to keep up with the modern styles. Whatever your reason is, read on to find out the type that blend with your style and purpose.

Types of Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom Sink Faucets Reviews

Before jumping to the models, it is important that you first understand the different types of sink faucets. We will discuss each one of them in detail plus what to expect when using them. Let’s get started!

Single Hole Cheap Bathroom Faucets

It is the most common type of faucet. They are fixed on a sink with one hole and a wide deck. It has a single handle control and a spout on the body. The advantage of having this one is you get to control the amount of water plus the temperature at the same time without using two controls.

4″ Centerset Faucets

These are ideal for sink and counterparts with three drilled holes that are 4” apart. They sit on a deck plate which connects the two controls together with the spout body. These are perfect for small spaces.

4″ Minispread Faucets

They are the same as the 4” centerset with three pre-drilled holes that are 4” apart. The only difference is that these ones have three individual pieces that are not connected on a deck plate.  It is the ideal option if you want a stylish look but doesn’t have enough space on the sink.

8″ Widespread Faucets

These faucets are meant for three predrilled holes 8” apart. They are the right choice for a sink that has a larger space. All the three pieces that are the body and the handles are in separate pieces.

Vessel Filler Faucets

These are more stylish and are intended for sink bowls that sit on top of the counter rather than the usual. Before going for this, make sure that you’ve confirmed the height of your vessel style sink bowl. You don’t want the filler faucet to be too tall or too short for the rim.

The advantage of using these faucets is that they are easy to clean, are visually appealing and minimizes the water being splashed.

Wall Mount Faucets

As the name suggests, these faucets are installed directly to the wall just above the sink. They are not fixed on the sink. The water supplies in these faucets are located above the sink, unlike the traditional ones which have supplied below. Make sure that you check whether the spout is long enough to help you clean the sink when needed.

The good thing about wall mount faucets is that cleaning them is not hard because they leave enough space to clean deposits away. It also provides you with enough space to work with.

Care & Maintenance

Bathroom Sink Faucets

You need to know how to take good care of these nice-looking fixtures so they can serve you a long time. Keep the bathroom sink unclogged to get the best service of a faucet. Here are the factors you should keep in mind:

  • Do not use abrasive cleaners like steel wools to clean the faucet
  • To clear stains, follow the manufacturer’s advice. If not you can use not so abrasive products.
  • You can always wipe off the faucet after use to prevent water stains.
  • To fix a dripping faucet, turn off the water supply first then remove the handles and the handle nuts. Replace the rubber ring and reassemble the handles.
  • To repair the product, first determine where the problem is. You can always head to the manufacturer’s website to find some repairing tips. Some problems are easy to repair on your own. But if you are not confident to do the repair yourself, always call a professional
  • Get a good quality water softener for your home. This will filter the hard water and keep your plumbing fixtures and fittings last for a long time.

Final Words

We have come to the conclusion of our review and buying guide. We believe that we have listed every detail comprehensively and helped you choose the best bathroom sink faucets from so many choices. We have tried our best to list everything you need to know about faucets.

Our most favorite product was Delta Windemere B3596LF-OB since it has all the necessary features for a refreshing and relaxing time in the bathroom. Its looks alone stand out giving you, your family and your guest with a warm feeling.

The second product we love is Moen 6410BN Eva. It is easy to use and will work perfectly with families that have small kids.

Finally, it is important that we note, we cannot say there is only one model that is best from the rest. No matter which model you choose, you may need to clean the sink drain oftentimes for a healthy bathroom. The top models you see from our bathroom faucet reviews is a work of our team of experts that tested the products.

Aside from these 10 models, other reputed brands like Menards, Lavatory, Grohe, etc. are also known to produce quality bathroom faucets with a variety of styles and finishes that include sprayers and even LED lights. Before you go for a product, consider why you need a faucet and what your preferences are.


Q: What brand bathroom faucet is the best?

Ans: FaucetsReviewed’s pro plumber team conducted an extensive market research to figure out the ultimate bathroom faucet models and these are all from the leading brands in the industry. Check out our list that flaunts models from reputable brands including Delta Faucet, Pfister, Moen, KOHLER and BWE. All of them are tough competitors and you can’t really go wrong buying their models.

Q: Are bathroom sink faucets universal?

Ans: In most cases, no. Not every faucet for your bathroom works with every sink. That’s why you should make sure that your faucet fits your sink, it’s always recommended to buy a compatible model from the same manufacturer.

Q: What are the most popular finishes for faucets?

Ans: The most popular finishes for bathroom sink faucets would be as follows:

Satin Nickel (SN)

Polished Nickel (PN)

Satin Brass (SB)

Matte Black (MB)

Stainless Steel (SS)

Chrome (CH)

Classic Bronze (CLZ)

UPB or Unlacquered Brass (Polished)


Q. How do I know if my existing water supply line will fit a new faucet?

Ans. First, you need to determine the size and type of your existing water supply line. These lines vary in size but the 1/2-inch and 3/8-inch are the most common. Supply hook-ups also come in different sizes but they are made of standard copper, flexible plastic, or flexible braided copper. Switch off the water once you figure out the size and type of the water supply line. Take the pieces to a local hardware store to find out which faucet is the best for your configuration.

Q. Do bathroom sink faucets come with drains?

Ans. Some models do come with drains while others don’t. If your faucet doesn’t include a drain, then it’s best to buy one from the same manufacturer to ensure the finish matches. Choose between a pop-up drain and a grid drain depending on your need.

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