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7 Proven Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaners You’re Going to Need

bathroom sink drain cleaner
Written by Callum Strempel

Do you wash your hair a lot in your bathroom sink? That means you regularly have your bathroom sink drain clogged, and you do not know how to get the hair out of the sink drain.

Probably the plumber gave you an attitude the last time he came, but worry no longer! I want to tell you that I have the answers to your bathroom and plumbing problem.

These are the best ways to get that hair or whatever is clogging your bathroom sink drain. They are tested and scientifically recommended bathroom sink drain cleaners.

The Primary Ways to Sink Drain Clean

This basic method requires you to get your hands dirty, don’t worry. It’s going to be fun; like a good beach day! It becomes easier if you have a top-quality bathroom sink faucet working for you.

I would like to take you through how to use these systems below;

1. Boiling Water

Obviously, we have to boil a full kettle of water. If you don’t have a saucepan you can use medium-sized pots on your stove.

Next we want to take that water and pour it down the drain at intervals so that we allow the hot water do its magic within those intervals.

However, this is not guaranteed to unclog physical or grease blockages, and this is advisable for people with metal pipes and not PVC pipes because water over 170 degrees can melt the pipes. If you do not know which kind of pipe you use, do not use boiling water only use hot water.

2. Plunger

Using the Plunger is a textbook. Drop the Plunger directly on the drain opening. Make sure you thoroughly cover the drain with the Plunger. It should create a seal.

Once there is a seal you have to push and pull directly on the seal you have created. The science is to use the different pressures introduced to dislodge the clog.

3. Drain Snake

This is cost-efficient as hiring a plumber costs about 109$ to 273$. You can save so much money by buying a drain snake.

It is a slender, flexible auger used to dislodge clogs in plumbing. This is the go-to when the clog is difficult to get rid of; it is also called a toilet jack.

After buying the drain snake, put on rubber gloves and get into action. Take the cover off your drain, then feed the end of the pipe depending on the amount of hair in the drain.

It may take a few times to get it down to the business end of the drain. When you feel the resistance, slowly crank the snake clockwise. Doing this will help push the snake to drain further down.

When the resistance makes it harder to turn pull the snake back about two inches and then gently press it down back the drain while gently turning it. Do that until the resistance is less.

Then give the handle a full turn to ensure it has a grip then turn the handle counter-clockwise so as to drag the gunk out.

Make sure that when the resistance lessens you bring it out so you don’t push the junk further down.

4. Coat Hanger

In the case that you are worried about damaging your pipes with a drain snake. Try using a metal coat hanger.

You will have no problem trashing after this. Straighten the hanger but ensure to keep the hook, then bend the other end slightly so as to form a handle.

Stick the hook end while rotating as far as you can go then jiggle to clean out any hair and junk. Be careful not to push out any debris back down the drain and then repeat till the hanger comes back empty. Your drain should be clog-free!

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Try Homemade Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaner

Here are homemade drain cleaners that are worth a try when off to get you bathroom sink drain cleaner,

1. Oil-Based Lemon Essential

Unclog Bathroom Sink Drain
For a clean bathroom sink with only a few simple ingredients and the power of essential oils, homemade cleaners are just as effective as toxic cleaners (which are often laden with unhealthy risks). To create your homemade oil-based-lemon-essential, you need;

1. 1/4 cup of baking soda,

2. 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap,

3. 10 drops of lemon essential oil,

This homemade cleaner won’t just leave your drains smelling clean and fresh; you might want to drink of it (please don’t, it could be hazardous). It is also capable of removing all those hard and congealed shampoo and soap. It is assured that no surface dirt or stains would be left when you are done cleaning.

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and pour the solution down the drain. Then allow to stand for thirty minutes, then rinse the drain with hot water,

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2. Vinegar and Baking-Soda

Vinegar and Baking-Soda
Baking-soda; we know to be a mild alkali (base), which means it can cause dirt and grease to dissolve easily into water. It is non-toxic and a natural product. All of this makes baking soda ideal as a cleaning agent.

When mixed with vinegar, it is terrorizing for clogs. Vinegar helps to cancel out the foul odors caused by built-up junk, as the baking soda acts as a potent antibacterial and disinfectant.

When baking soda is combined with vinegar, they produce a chemical reaction; generating carbon monoxide and oxygen. This will dissolve the clog.

1. half a cup of white vinegar

2. three-quarter cups of baking soda.

Empty the baking soda through the drain and then let it settle. Empty the white vinegar into the drain and cover it with the drain plug to hold the chemical effect in the drain.

Leave it for around 30 minutes. Now take away the drain plug and rinse with hot water. Repeat the process for stubborn clogs,

3. Lemon Juice and Baking-Soda

sink drain cleaner
There are uncountable functions for lemon, from a juicy summer drink to—yes! A cleaning agent, lemon being a highly acidic liquid makes it work even better than vinegar when unclogging drains and works great as a home-cleaning product. Lemon juice is less known by people, however.

Even if this combination might be expensive, the cleaning potential of this homemade bathroom sink drain cleaner is great, the cleaning power is enhanced and will live your pipe drain smelling fresh. Here is the best way to clean the bathroom sink drain.


1. 1 cup of baking soda

2. 1 cup of lemon juice

Empty the baking soda into the drain and let it sit in the pipe. Empty the lemon juice through the drain and close it with the plug then. Now allow it to settle for thirty minutes.

Then wash the drainpipe with hot water, letting it run for at least two minutes.

Keeping Your Bathroom Sink Clog-Free

As it is often said; prevention is better than cure. It is necessary we keep our bathroom sink clog-free. Below are practices that ensure the best ways to keep healthy bathroom sink pipes.

  • The best way, of course, is to be careful of what you put in them. Hair and soap scum are one of the biggest drain problems and maintenance. So, careful use of the drain is imperative.
  • Do not cut your hair in the bathroom sink; wash your hair and gather them were you to dispose of them.
  • Use a drain grate or screen to close the drain’s opening to at least minimize any problem with hair and soap froth. Carefully choose the kind of drain grate that would be convenient for you. When going to the supply store take an image of your drain to explain better to them at the supply store your needs. However, most grates and screens could simply be put in place.

Remember what I said earlier; prevention is better than cure, so regular cleaning works fine. To keep your drain swirling and absent of odor you should clean your bathroom sink regularly, below are  other methods to try;

  • Pour hot water into the drain after every use
  • Get some baking soda and pour it into the drain. Then pour down hot water into the drain. Baking soda is a formidable cleaning agent plus should do well in maintaining your pipes. It also can do well in getting rid of foul odors,
  • Pouring a cup of vinegar which is a mild acid is another option. Let the vinegar stay for thirty minutes during which it removes the organic growth of muck in the pipes, then rinses down with hot water

If clogging happens regularly in your sink, you want to try this: ½ cup each of baking soda, vinegar, and a couple of cups of boiling water.

  • Pour the baking soda and salt into the drain
  • Include the vinegar and let the solution foam for a minute
  • Wash with 2 cups of water or more

If you are allergic to vinegar then we recommend the use of lemons instead. Also, try to do this at night before bed so that the concussion can sit there through the night.

To conclude, having an excellent, bright, and clean bathroom sink is necessary. These steps are sure to give your bathroom sink clogs lemons and snakes as food for thought. Happy cleaning!

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