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About Us

Improvement of water experience...

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This is how and why

Faucets REVIEWED came into existence and still breathes…

About Faucets REVIEWED

Who Are We?

We are modern people who have the right means of living with water. We made up our mind to do something about the way water is delivered to us since the day we learned that water is the alternative to life. Since we cannot manufacture, we decided to buy and test what works and what not. We still work to see people are getting the best faucets and different parts and accessories to improve their daily experiences using water.

Our Story

A bunch of health and luxury lovers once decided to go serious about the way they receive, use, waste, and experience water. Their attention started growing intense each day, and the time came when all of them could claim themselves to be well-informed homeowners and proud owners of some of the most stylish, beautiful, and useful faucets.

Most importantly, these people know how to get the best faucets and how to help people have the same for their kitchen and bathroom needs. Another interesting thing about these people is that they still feel the same old passion for luxury and health.

You have got our story!

Our Mission

You can barely deny that you wish to have a proper time in the kitchen or bathroom goes beyond fulfillment without a faucet. You cannot but acknowledge that you want the best faucets that have ergonomic designs and include all the modern conveniences. It is our purpose to help you make smart moves while shopping faucets and its different components either online or from the local shops.

It is our ultimate goal to be a community, not an individual. We want to maintain a community that knows how to spend well to complement the kitchen and ensure ultimate comfort in daily life.


Callum Strempel

A Licensed Plumber

Hi, I’m Callum, a fulltime plumber with a plumbing license issued by my state. So far, I’ve spent nearly a hundred thousand hours installing and fixing a wide variety of plumbing components and units. My profession inspires me to talk about the kitchen and bathroom (and the plumbing system) so confidently and knowledgeably that I offer my free consultations to help neighbors and fellow homeowners every now and then. As I enjoy installing faucets, sinks, showers, and fixtures, I love to see people enjoying services from those components for years to come. So, I write every week to inform you and others. Will you mind going through some of my articles on this website?


Jenny Molin

A Housewife with Homemaking Skills

Hello, I’m Jenny. I’m not involved in any particular profession but homemaking, the one thing I can boast till my death. I receive great appreciation from guests who often express their adoration for what I choose for my kitchen and bathroom. I enjoy hearing those sweet words, and feel how they feel due to not finding the right kitchen and bathroom fixtures. I can’t tell for sure how I got to know all these. I got some from my experience as a homeowner over the years and some from mistakes. But I’m trying to share everything I know in my articles available on this website. I chose this as my platform to stand on and speak to all of you!